Buffy and Faith

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Hungry and...

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Buffy and Faith have a little fun.

I'm Still Here

Rating: R

Summary: Faith has some bad news for Buffy.

You've Gotta Have Faith

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Buffy is still "going through the motions" after the return from the dead, and Faith decides to pull her out of it. Takes place after "Once More with Feeling" and before "Tabula Rasa".

She's Saving Me

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Faith's having a rough time in jail and Buffy helps her out by way of a slayer dream. Much more heartfelt than it sounds. Sequel to "You've Gotta Have Faith."

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...And Live Forever

Rating: R

Summary: A California life alone is just too hard to build.

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It's Just You

Rating: PG-13

Summary: One moment in the minds of two worryingly similar people.

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Moment of Destiny

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Buffy takes a cruise and finds more then a vacation.

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Rating: NC-17

Summary: Buffy's birthday gift to Faith.

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The Gift, Take Two

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Faith joins the fight against Glory.

Always With You

Rating: R

Summary: Even after Faith's incarceration, she and Buffy can't get out of each other's lives.

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Dasha K

Unsent Letters

Rating: NC-17

Summary: All the letters Faith never sent Buffy.

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David Knapton

Of Gates and Mouths

Rating: NC-17

Summary: The Cleveland Gang meets some new allies.

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Rating: NC-17

Summary: What really happened when Buffy left the media room after her hot dance with Faith?

Twice Chosen

Rating: PG-13

Summary: The slayers bond after defeating Kakistos.

The Buffy Tapes

Rating: PG-13

Summary: After months of nightmares and observation by the Council, Faith wakes up from her coma.


Rating: R

Summary: Buffy and Faith become involved with each another, but Faith's accidental killing of Deputy Mayor Finch threatens to split them up.

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Desirata 41

Birthday Licks

Rating: NC-17

Summary: The Slayer's turning twenty-three and Faith is helping her celebrate in a novel way.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Faith is restless after training, and she can't sleep. Nothing helps ya sleep like a little 976-Buffy.


Rating: NC-17

Summary: After being released from prison Faith has a torrid affair, but her get some/get gone theory backfires when the jilted lover turns out to be a powerful warlock with a wicked sense of humor.

I'm Precious

Rating: NC-17

Summary: It's video night, and the two slayers are snug on the couch with some popcorn, when Buffy issues a non-verbal a challenge to Faith.

My Knight

Rating: NC-17

Summary: The slayers are safe and warm at Buffy's.

My Lover's Voice

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Buffy and Faith are in the heat of making love. Oh, the thoughts that must be running through her head.


Rating: NC-17

Summary: Faith acquires a cape from a consignment shop, intending to use it for fun and games with Buffy. Little does Faith know the cape has a longstanding curse, and dire consequences for the wearer.

The Dance

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Just another one of those H+H nights at the Bronze.

The Land Down Under

Rating: NC-17

Summary: What does a cough drop, Ice cube, candle, and a cool bubbly beverage have in common? Faith has peaked Buffy's curiosity, now it's time to pay up.

Visions Dancing in Her Head

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Thoughts of Buffy haunt Faith, even in her sleep.

You Can Leave Your Hat On

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Everybody likes to kiss under the mistletoe, but Buffy's favorite spot to hang it isn't over a doorway.

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Elaine aka CrAzY E

14 Days

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Faith wakes from her coma and has a confession to make to Buffy.

My Poems

Rating: Various

Summary: My poems.

Trust Your Heart

Rating: PG-15

Summary: How Revelations should have ended.

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Faithful Chickie

Faith and the Little Cave Slayer

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Buffy regresses. Faith Slayer-sits. Slashy fun ensues.

Forget About Tomorrow

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Faith goes to Buffy instead of Spike.

Post-Slay Tensions

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Faith stays over after Slaying.

Revenge is Sweet

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Payback's a bitch!

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Hellmouth Guy

The New World

Rating: NC-17

Summary: When Kakistos comes looking to destroy the new Slayer and everyone she cares about, and the life Faith had built for herself comes crashing down around her, she has no choice but to run again.

The Queen of Hearts

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Secrets are revealed, and loves, both new and old, are tested...while the world hangs in the balance.

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Frau Hunter Ash

Tornado of Souls

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Buffy is trying to adjust to being back in Sunnydale but she seems withdrawn, almost secretive.

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A Slayertime Christmas

Rating: NC-17

Summary: It's Christmas at the Summers.

Holding Her Hand

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Faith reaches out for affection, even if it's a secret.

We Need Each Other

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Sequel to Holding Her Hand. Buffy and Faith deal with life together.

Lady Killer

Rating: NC-17

Summary: After Sunnydale is destroyed; the gang takes off in an effort to rebuild their lives. Then the Slayers and Scoobies must track down an adversary that is much different than what they are used to dealing with.

Unholy Alliance

Rating: NC-17

Summary: The Slayers make a deal that may cost them more than they bargained for.

It's a Faith Thing

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Faith and Buffy going on a road trip.

It's a Buffy Thing

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Continuation of It's a Faith Thing.

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Lap Dance

Rating: R

Summary: Faith has a night out with the Scoobies.

GoGo Dance

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Faith the Vampire Slayer gets to know Buffy the Private Dancer.

Solo Dance

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Sequel to GoGo Dance.

Private Dance

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Will Faith become the "First" for Buffy the Private Dancer? You know it!

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Braids and Cookies

Rating: R

Summary: "See, I didn't get that this was a popularity contest. I should have equal time to bake them cookies, braid their hair…" "Learn their names…?" So, it's pretty certain Buffy was being sarcastic here and that Faith didn't really do that…But ever wonder how it would have looked like, if things like this really had happened?

My Mind's Eye

Rating: R

Summary: Take the events from the episode "The replacement", add Riley's comment "But she doesn't love me", use a little bit of fantasy (or the fantasy of a certain character), stir…and see what happens.

(Un)Disturbed Eye

Rating: R

Summary: Just one morning spent in your lover's arms. Is that too much to ask? Takes on a rather depressing tone. You could also call it: Ever wonder what might have happened before this specific scene we saw on the show?

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Rating: NC-17

Summary: Wanna know what Buffy is really like? Wanna know what she really thinks? Wanna know if her assumptions are right?

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Minim Calibre


Rating: R

Summary: Faith offers Buffy some warmth from the cold.

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M Phoenix

Coming Home

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Really, we're just good friends

Of History

Rating: R

Summary: Buffy and Faith indulge in some gratuitous angst in Rome.

Journey to No End

Rating: R

Summary: Five states. Twelve days. One pair of jeans.

Zen and the Art of Stake Maintenance

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Buffy likes to watch Faith whittle.

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My Osage


Rating: NC-17

Summary: A mystical death threat forces Buffy to extradite Faith from prison to Sunnydale and to put her life in the reluctant felon's hands. But after all they've been through, can Buffy forgive her and can she trust Faith to protect her?

All Chosen

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Everything you really wanted to happen at the end of BtVS.

I Remember

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Faith wakes up from her coma remembering nothing, but Buffy remembers everything.

Lost Without Her

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Will an evil sorceress from another dimension make Buffy and Faith lose each other forever?

My Possession

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Buffy and Faith set out to trap and destroy a demon preying on participants of a dominance and submission club. Their own sexual chemistry will be the bait, but descending into the risqué lifestyle exposes more about each slayer than either of them expects.


Rating: NC-17

Summary: Buffy thinkin' about Faith. Faith thinkin' about Buffy. It doesn't get any better than that.

The Spell

Rating: NC-17

Summary: An errant spell and the method required to break it raises havoc for Buffy and Faith. Will the secrets revealed change how the slayers feel about each other?

When Lightning Strikes

Rating: NC-17

Summary: A young slayer from Boston, unaware of what she is, by chance meets the original Chosen One.

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One (Outside Link)

Rating: NC-17

Summary: With Faith leading the way, Buffy finally really "lets go" and becomes that "force" she keeps yammering about...

Two (Outside Link)

Rating: NC-17

Buffy and Faith are um, getting to know each other when an old acquaintance makes a surprise visit. This story follows 'One', but can be read as a standalone.

Three (Outside Link)

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Spike, Faith and Buffy are being watched. Someone isn't happy. This story follows "One" and "Two", but can be read as a standalone.

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Birthday Present

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Faith forgets Buffy's birthday and the blonde slayer sets out to 'punish' her for it.


Rating: NC-17

Summary: Buffy loses someone close to her and seeks comfort from Faith.


Rating: PG-13

Summary: Faith's never expected much out of life.

I Know What You Did Last Night

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Faith shows us nine important steps to getting what you want.


Rating: NC-17

Summary: Times seems to slow down whenever Buffy is with her lover.


Rating: R

Summary: Times seems to slow down whenever Buffy is with her lover.

Somewhere New

Rating: R

Summary: Faith experiences something new.

The Answer

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Buffy asks Faith a question while out on patrol.

Walking Away

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Faith's leaving Buffy.


Rating: NC-17

Summary: A night of watching videos suddenly becomes so much more.

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Rating: NC-17

Summary: Look at the title. Humor Heart & Heat.


The The Incredibly (un) True Adventures of Two Slayers in Love Series

Rating: NC-17


Summary: Buffy accepts her feelings for Faith. Finally. Oh, and phone sex. Humor, heart, and heat (hot sex).
Veni Vidi Vici Vegas

Summary: Faith and Buffy spend Valentines Day in Vegas.

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Pat Kelley

Living After: Summer Unwind

Rating: R

Summary: The gang settles in LA for the summer (thanks to Angel). They each do their own things. For Buffy and Faith, that means...uh, being productively lazy while they put off taking the next step.

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Queen Zulu

Je Me Souviens

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Faith wakes up from her coma, but revenge is the last thing on her mind.


Rating: NC-17

Summary: Faith's killing in the alley may destroy the feelings growing between her and Buffy.


Rating: NC-17

Summary: Faith saves someone helpless on the mean streets of Sunnydale. Does the hero always get the girl?

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Educating Buffy

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Sequel to Five by Five.

Five by Five

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Buffy and Faith are finally five by five.

Post Slay

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Beaucoup d'smut.

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Rating: R

Summary: Buffy goes bad after an encounter with a demon and its up to the Scoobs to make her better.

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Bring It
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A silly, smutty piece of fluff inspired by my love for the movie, Bring It On, and for all things Faith/Buffy.

Late Night Interlude
Rating: NC-17 
Summary: Your basic PWP.

Love Lies Bleeding
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Faith and Buffy play a twisted game.

One Last Time
Rating: NC-17 for language and sexual situations
Summary: Buffy comes to give Faith some news that she doesn't want to hear.

Whatever We Want
Rating: NC-17
Summary: My own little spin-off story set during Consequences.

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Rating: PG

Summary: Changes in Buffy's life after a near apocalypse.

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Sway Slayer

A Telephone Call

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Our two favorite Slayers have a telephonic one-on-one.

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A Waiting Convenience

Rating: NC-17

Summary: At night she waits. Always for her, always for love, always to be disappointed.

Heaven and Hell

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Faith finds a little piece of Heaven.

So Lonely

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Faith remembers happier times with Buffy.

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Vixen Raign

Hope's Drowning

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Buffy does all she can to save Faith after a terrible accident.

Faith's Prom

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Faith crashes the prom.

Some Things Never Change

Rating: R

Summary: Faith returns to Sunnydale.

These Secrets Kept

Rating: R

Summary: How Buffy and Faith really feel about each other.

Our Secrets

Rating: R

Summary: Prequel to These Secrets Kept.

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Trick or Treat

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Faith has a Halloween visitor.

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Rating: NC-17

Summary: Buffy and Faith decide to help each other out with their post-slayage H & H.


Rating: NC-17

Summary: What if things had worked out differently when Buffy and Faith switched bodies?

When I Grow Up

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Faith decides to have a little fun teasing Buffy

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