Fiction by Tarawhipped


Hail to the Chief

Pairing: Willow/Tara

Rating: PG

Summary: Ladies and Gentlemen, the forty-seventh President of the United States of America.



Island of Death

Pairing: Willow/Tara

Rating: R

Summary: Ten strangers are invited by a mysterious host to a remote island off the Pacific coast of South America.


Once More With Fruitcake

Pairing: Willow/Tara

Rating: G to NC-17

Summary: A series of Christmassy Willow/Tara stories.


Secrets and Spies

Pairing: Willow/Tara

Rating: NC-17

Summary: A novice Military Intelligence Agent is assigned the job of confirming or denying the charge.



The Elemental Series

Pairing: Willow/Tara

Rating: R to NC-17

Summary: Seven Stories for Seven Days.



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