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Once More, With Fruitcake

Rating: G to NC-17

Summary: A series of Christmassy Willow/Tara stories.



Author: Carleen

Summary: Introduction to the Fruitcake Series.



Author: SallyMcFine

Summary: The flame is sputtering after a tough six months in a new state. Can it be rekindled, or will it go out?

Specialfriends: A Very Special Christmas

Author: Cyd

Summary: There is a threat to Christmas that has to be stopped by the only two lesbian heroes super enough for the job.


Friendly Friends

Summary: The story is under 5000 words. Why do you need a summary?


Secret Santas

Author: Justin

Summary: Tara and Buffy conspire to try to bridge the gap between their respective partners.

A Holiday Pickup

Author: Tarawhipped

Summary: It'll spoil the surprise, and if Elvis doesn't have to write one, I'm not writing one either! So there.


Winter Harvest

Author: Miss Kitty's Ball of Yarn

Summary: With Summer ended came the urge to usher in a new season.


Stardate: Christmas Eve

Author: Chris Cook

Summary: "Captain's Log, Stardate 53988.1: We're being pestered by Ferengi, and I'm in love with Tara." – Captain Willow Rosenberg.


All You Can Eat

Author: Carleen

Summary: I'm joining Debra and Cam…no summary.


Your Not So Private Dancers

Author: Antigone Unbound

Summary: This is an epic tale of pain and redemption and the indomitable nature of the human spirit. Oh, wait – that's "War and Peace." This is just a fun little story wherein Willow and Tara provide a valuable service to some very memorable women.

Batteries Not Included?

Author: terra21

Summary: Willow is desperately trying to get a holiday frazzled Tara to open a "special" present.


Highland Fling

Author: watty

Summary: Our favorite bonnie lasses go on vacation in the Highlands.


UCSD Radio Presents: Christmas Carol Competition 2005

Author: Wiccanbotanist

Summary: Buffy gets the gang involved in a caroling competition…


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