Fiction by The Elemental Authors


The Elemental Series

Rating: R to NC-17

Summary: Seven Stories for Seven Days.



Author: Carleen

Summary: Introduction to the Elemental Series.



Author: Miss Kitty's Ball of Yarn

Summary: Tara as a freelance photographer gets invited to accompany the leading glacier scientist Willow Rosenberg on an expedition into the heart of Denali National Park.



Author: Tarawhipped

Summary: The late 18th century, on and off the Northeastern coast of Scotland.



Summary: Mistress Tara finds a creative new use for water.



Author: Cyd

Summary: Tara rescues an intriguing redhead, but learns it's only the beginning of her recovery.



Author: Chris Cook

Summary: Willow comes across a unique artifact.



Author: watty

Summary: How a vampire deals with the loss of her human lover.



Author: terra21

Summary: Willow takes Tara on a road trip.



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