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The Megawitches Round Robin

Rising From the Wreckage

Rating: NC-17

Grouping: Buffy/Willow/Tara


Chapter 1 by AmberBenson Fan

Summary: Begins right after the car accident in Wrecked. This time, however, Willow doesn't stand for Buffy's attitude anymore after spending a night high on magicks and just getting out of a car accident. She's a bit mad and it shows.


Chapter 2 by Kirayoshi

Summary: Buffy sees Willow. Willow doesn't see Buffy. Willow's taking her "leaving" further than Buffy thought she would.


Chapter 3 by RainbowWriters

Summary: Buffy is forced to deal with her invisibility, but without Willow there to help as she was in the show, how will they return Buffy?


Chapter 4 by Stefan

Summary: Buffy, Xander, and Tara come to some important realizations about Willow and the events that lead up to her leaving.


Chapter 5 by TheBear

Summary: Willow makes it to LA and finds help from an unexpected source.


Chapter 6 by RedWillow

Summary: Back in Sunnydale Buffy and Tara try to cope without Willow.


Chapter 7 by AmberBenson Fan

Summary: What's going on with Willow while she's in Los Angeles?


Chapter 8 by Kirayoshi

Summary: What's Giles been doing all this time back in England? New discoveries are abound.


Chapter 9 by RainbowWriters

Summary: How's Buffy doing with her new job and the current living arrangements with Tara? Uh-oh! Can she handle meeting up with Spike?


Chapter 10 by TheBear

Summary: Andrew and Jonathan chickened out on Warren, but is someone else interested in that devious mind his?


Chapter 11 by RedWillow

Summary: How are Tara and Dawn doing without Willow? Will they be able to let the redhead know how they feel? Now that Warren's on the loose, can he get Spike to join their folds?


Chapter 12 by Hunter Ash

Summary: Can Willow handle her magicks if she's forced into a dangerous situation? Will Wolfram and Hart start sniffing around for the wayward witch? Willow loneliness get the better of two friends? Can Giles get back in time to help heal old wounds within the Scooby gang?


Chapter 13 by Stefan

Summary: The Scoobies reach out for Willow while Buffy and Tara comes to terms about certain things.


Chapter 14 by AmberBenson Fan

Summary: Dawn and Tara spend a moment on a touchy subject while Bester is recruiting some familiar faces.


Chapter 15 by Kirayoshi

Summary: Things in Sunnydale seem to be on the smooth track as Buffy and gang go about their lives in the face of yet another apocalypse. However, in LA some baddies show up and Willow may be the only one who can help - but at what cost?


Chapter 16 by RainbowWriters

Summary: Patrolling is a dirty business, but someone's got to do it. Thankfully Buffy's got Tara there to help her out when she comes home after a rough night.


Chapter 17 by Stefan

Summary: Buffy and Tara share some dinner and come to an understanding while Giles goes to bring back Willow without anyone knowing.


Chapter 18 by TheBear

Summary: Buffy, Willow, and Tara have their meeting with some surprises in store for all three of them.


Chapter 19 by RedWillow

Summary: Bester is on the move - and not just in Sunnydale anymore. Willow and Tara need some time to reconnect while Buffy's out on patrol.


Chapter 20 by Hunter Ash NEW!!

Summary: Willow reconnects with the rest of the Scoobies.


Chapter 21 by AmberBenson Fan NEW!!

Summary: Bester learns of the trio's relationship and orders Spike and Faith make a move against one of the girls.


Chapter 22 by Kirayoshi NEW!!

Summary: Willow and Tara have a birthday surprise for Buffy.


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