My Favorite Stories
by Marie Ross 


  1. The Game Series, by Crys Loch
    I don't usually read Willow/Buffy fics, but I was totally hooked on this series half-way through the first chapter. It has an amazing plot, crazy twists, is really funny, and is written wonderfully. Usually long series get me frustrated by the length, or if I'm waiting for them to be updated, but this one was pure joy. I love it.

  2. Coming Out of the Bedroom by CN Winters, Susan Carr and SpikeMe4Now4200
    I love Willow/Tara fics, especially ones that mix smut with a true plot, and this one does that wonderfully. The way Willow and Tara are written makes it believable and amazing to read, while fun and very sexy.

  3. Please by JustSkipIt
    Wow. This is an amazing story. Um.... what can I say? Smut and BDSM have definitely never been written quite like this. I love it. This is a wonderful story!

  4. Anything by Faithful Chickie
    I have to say that I love and recommend ALL of Faithful Chickie's stories, the ones that are at The Mystic Muse, and the ones that aren't. I have read every single one, and I love them all. The style and plot of each story is just amazing.

  5. Love Lies Bleeding by Starcrossed
    A sad, twisted Buffy/Faith story... Needs, Wants, sick and twisted, and this writer makes it all so great to read. One of my favorite Buffy/Faith stories of the "twisted" variety.

  6. Are You Experienced? by Dasha K
    I love Faith/Tara fics, but there aren't many out there... And I think this one is by far the best I've found so far. Tara telling Willow a story about her past, that maybe Willow doesn't want to hear..... I love the way Faith and Tara meet, and what happens.... It's just great!

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