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The Mystic Muse was created in November of 2002 as a site originally to archive my own fan fiction stories, but later started accepting other author's works. It was my intention to encourage fan fic writers to write, improve their writing and have their stories available to readers. Over time, the content on the Muse grew to include hundreds of stories. For the past ten years, the Muse has hosted only stories set in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the series universes. In honor of the ten year anniversary of the site in 2012, The Mystic Muse started accepting submissions and hosting stories set in other fandoms.

About Susan Carr

I've been writing fan fiction for almost forty years. Yes, really. When I was twelve, my mom gave me a Brother manual typewriter for my birthday and I taught myself how to type by writing Star Trek fan fiction. That's what inspired me to be a writer and I haven't stopped ever since. In 1992, I became involved with a network of Dragonriders of Pern fans and my story South Kendor was published in the printed fanzine Out of the Blue 10. Around the same time, I published my own literary magazine and worked as an associate editor for a book publishing company. One of my greatest accomplishments is to have books I've edited stored in our nation's Library of Congress.

In 2001, someone suggested I watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer since one of the characters was a lesbian witch just like me. I watched a few episodes and was hooked. After devouring the body of episodes, I started scouring the net for fan fiction stories and discovered a huge selection. After reading a challenge prompt from David Zahir, who later became a good friend, I was inspired to write my first Buffy fic, The Witch and the Sorceress. After that, I met C.N. Winters and that led to a writing collaborating relationship and friendship that has lasted to this day. Together, C.N. and I created Watchers: The Virtual Spin-off series, a web project way ahead of its time. My writing skills improved 1000% after five years of writing for it.

After Buffy, I moved on to writing other fandoms, all of which now appear here on the Muse. I'm currently working on my biggest project Tell Your God to Ready for Blood, a Guiding Light/Deadwood crossover and someday, when it's finished, I hope to rewrite it into a publishable novel. After all, the basic story of two women who fight over the same man, but end up falling in love with each other, is a classic and can be told in many, many ways.

Thanks for reading and make sure you show your appreciation to the authors by sending them feedback.

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