Fiction by Rin


Loving Willow

Pairing: Willow/Fred

Rating: R

Summary:  Willow and the gang are just trying to get through their senior year in high school, coming up against whatever the Hellmouth throws at them.



Loving Willow More

Pairing: Willow/Buffy

Rating: R

Summary:  First year in college…are things about to change?



Red Series: New and Old

Pairing: Willow/Buffy

Rating: R

Summary:  Willow gets a phone call from somebody from her past, inviting her to an art gallery. At the opening, she discovers new things and is faced with the old.


Red Series: Making Things Perfect

Pairing: Willow/Buffy

Rating: R

Summary:  Life goes on for Willow and Buffy, but problems keep cropping up.


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