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Pairing: Giles/Ethan

Author's Note: Written for Sascha in the Secret Slash.

Summary: Giles dreams of an old lover.

Rupert Giles opened the door to his apartment, and went inside.

"Quiet as usual," he said to himself, as he went into the kitchen, to make some tea.


He jumped as someone said his name from behind him.

"God Spike, could you—" he said as he turned around, but stopped when he saw that it wasn't Spike.

He stared at the man, who still looked as handsome as he had before.

Get a hold of yourself Rupert, that was ages ago, he said to himself as he swallowed hard

"What do you want?" he asked the man, in a voice filled with a mix of fury and lust

"Oh Ripper, aren't you happy to see me?" Ethan Rayne asked, and cocked his head to one side, smirking slightly at the other Englishman.

"Not really no, but since you're here, why don't you just tell me what you want?" Giles asked.

Ethan smiled and walked over to Giles.

"I want…" he started when he was inches away from Giles' face

"What?" Giles asked, and tried to breathe normally, but found it very hard with Ethan so close.

"You," Ethan whispered and kissed Giles.

Giles was surprised but answered the kiss, with all the passion he could as he sneaked his arms around Ethan's waist.

Ethan grinned into the kiss, but cupped Giles face and gently pushed his tongue passed Giles lips, seeking the other man's tongue.

Giles opened his mouth to give Ethan better access, and slowly started to run his own tongue over Ethan's.

"Happy to see me?" Ethan asked as he broke the kiss.

"Well, I was until you broke the kiss," Giles answered and huffed in annoyance

Ethan laughed and placed another soft kiss on Giles' lips.

"Don't worry, I'll make it up to you," Ethan said with a nasty grin, as he started to kiss down Giles' jaw line and his neck.

Giles shuddered as Ethan kissed up and down his neck, and almost fell over as Ethan started to stroke the bulge on Giles' trousers

"Ethan, please" Giles moaned as Ethan slowly started to open the other man's belt.

Ethan chuckled and reached inside Giles' pants and stroked his cock, which was rewarded by a gasp from Giles.

He then trailed his fingers softly along the length, before he took away his hands and pulled Giles' pants down.

"What do you want Ripper?" he asked him softly, before he swirled his finger round the head of Giles cock.

"Please," Giles said "Just do something before I burst"

Ethan chuckled, because he knew how much Giles craved his touch. They had been lovers for five years, and Ethan knew exactly what to do to make Giles beg even more.

"Sure," he whispered softly into Giles' ear before he went down to his knees and flickered his tongue out to touch the head of the other man's cock.

Giles gasped as Ethan's splendid tongue started to dance along his length. Small licks were placed everywhere. Before Ethan took the head in his mouth and sucked, hard.

"Oh fuck!" Giles yelled as Ethan deep throated his cock and sucked hard once more.

Ethan smiled, but grasped Giles hips and began to bob his head up and down on the delicious cock.

Giles moaned, and both he and Ethan knew he was close to coming.

Ethan sucked hard once more.

Giles woke up fast as his orgasm went through his whole body.

"Bloody hell," he muttered to himself, and lay back against the pillow. The dream had once again seemed so real, almost as if Ethan had really been there.

"Watcher!" he heard some yell from downstairs, and Giles had no doubt that it was Spike.

"Coming Spike!" he yelled back, before he got up, put on a clean pair of boxers and a bathrobe.

As he came down, Spike was sitting on the couch, drinking a cup of blood.

Spike sniffed once, frowned and turned towards the watcher.

"You had a nice night?" he asked, with a big grin plastered on his face.

Giles widened his eyes, wondering how he could know, before he remembered the vampire's excellent senses, which, unfortunately, involved good smelling.

"Well, yes. I had a very nice night, very nice dream indeed," he said, and grinned as much as the blonde vampire.

"Good, because you have company" Spike said and his eyes turned towards the kitchen.

Giles frowned but went to the kitchen.

When he saw who was standing there, his mouth dropped open and his eyes widened.

"Hello Ripper," Ethan said, and smirked at the Englishman.

"Oi Ethan, later," Spike said as he looked into the kitchen.

"Later Mr. Bloody," Ethan said as Spike took his blanket and ran out of the house.

Giles, who had finally closed his mouth, went over to Ethan and kissed him fully on the lips, not really caring about what Ethan wanted.

As they broke away, both of them was panting

"So Ripper, what did you dream about?" Ethan asked and rested his forehead against Giles' chest

"Oh, just the same as my every dream for the last two weeks have been about," Giles answered

"What is that then?" Ethan answered and lifted his head so that he could look into the eyes of the other man.


The End

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