Punitive Damages

by Christina O

Copyright © 2004


Rating: NC-17
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Spoilers: Season 6.
Author's Notes: This story contains rape, violence, and graphic language, as well as graphic sex scenes. Not for people under the age of 18.
Pairing: Xander/Spike

Summary: Xander saw Spike and Anya "comfort" each other in the Magic Box and decides to give Spike just what he deserves.

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Chapter 1

Spike sighed, watching as the smoke he'd just exhaled drifted up. What a bloody horrible night. He groaned as he recalled the pained betrayal in Buffy's eyes and the simmering fury in Xander's. Spike hadn't meant to hurt anyone, especially not Xander. He and Anya had both been hurting and she and Spike had turned to each other in a mutual need for comfort and to feel wanted. He took another drag on his cigarette, welcoming the slight burn of nicotine sliding into his lungs. Xander would have gladly hacked him into bits with that ax if Anya hadn't stopped him. Sad thing was, Spike didn't blame Xander at all. Hell, he was surprised that Buffy hadn't offered the whelp a hand in trying to stake him. Spike would have laughed at himself if he could, after all, here he was an evil, soulless thing and he actually felt guilty for hurting a boy's feelings. It made him feel like shit when he remembered the raw, wounded look in Xander's beautiful, chocolatey eyes. He knew he should be thinking about how Xander left Anya at the altar and how they were justified in trying to move on past their pain, but Spike knew that Xander still loved Anya as much as he had loved Buffy. Had?

The door to his crypt burst open before he could get his brain around his last thought and he shot up from his chair as a furious Xander stormed in. He managed to crush out his cigarette before he was thrown up against the wall. Here we go again. He thought, but like the first time, he refused to fight the boy. Somehow, he knew it hadn't been over when Xander stormed off after finding out about him and Buffy. The boy had exchanged heated words with Anya and Xander had insulted him. Feeling remorse over how he'd taken advantage of Anya, he'd been hurt by Xander's words when the mortal had called him, an evil, soulless thing and he'd said that sleeping with him had been good enough for Buffy. The whelp hadn't appreciated Spike dragging his precious Buffy's name through the mud, but the look of utter betrayal in Xander's dark eyes, when Buffy had confirmed it with her uneasy silence and then the soft way she had said the boy's name, had been painful to witness.

"Xander..." He began, wanting to apologize somehow without insulting the boy or sounding insincere. Xander's fist slammed into his mouth. He groaned in pain, feeling the blood trickle down his chin. "Is that all you've got? Come on, mate..." Xander growled at what he perceived as a taunt and a challenge and thrust his fist into Spike's stomach with a force that surprised the vamp. Spike doubled over in pain as Xander landed blow after blow to his face, head, and torso. He still didn't fight back, much to Xander's irritation.

"You bastard! You had no right to touch her! You had no right!" Xander's voice broke and he began to sob. "No right! You're nothing! Buffy knows it, too! You proved it tonight! I hate you! I hate you!" He grabbed hold of the vamp and buried his face in Spike's duster, his body shaking with each heart-rending sob. Spike simply stood there, letting the whelp get it all out of his system. Finally, Xander raised his head and Spike flattened himself against the wall...Angelus was one evil bastard, but at this moment, he had nothing on Xander Harris. Shit...he was seconds away from being a big pile of Spike dust. "Turn around." The boy snarled, his chocolate-colored eyes glittering with fury. Xander shrugged out of his brown jacket and took off his button-down blue shirt, tossing them aside. He stood there in his black tee-shirt and jeans, glaring at the vampire, getting more and more impatient as the blond continued to stare at him in shock. Finally, the vamp found his voice.

"Wot?" Spike asked, bewildered. Turn around? What in all of bloody hell was Harris doing now? He yelped as Xander spun him around and yanked off his duster and shoved him back up against the wall. "Hey!" He panicked and began to struggle when he felt Xander's hands grabbing at his pants. "Get yer hands off my pants, ya bleedin wanker!" He growled, trying to shake the bigger man off of him. Wait a soddin minute. Harris isn't gay, was the only thought going through Spike's head as the boy tugged at the snap on his leather pants, even though he knew how stupid that thought was. Angelus hadn't been either, but that never stopped his Sire from taking him on a daily basis until he'd been saddled with that boring, pesky, poufy soul. "You don't want to do this...you'll regret it come dawn..." Damn this soddin chip to the black depths of hell...he couldn't even fight back.

"Shut up, Spike!" Xander hissed, his hands still busy, trying not to let himself think about what he was going to do to the other man. He quickly yanked down Spike's skin-tight pants, not really surprised that the vamp had gone commando. He pressed Spike against the wall with his forearm as he struggled with his own pants. "Its my turn to take something from you." Shoving his jeans and boxers past his hips and spitting into his hand, he lubed himself up, and thrust deep into Spike's pale ass. He heard the vampire hiss and groan in pain and he began to pound into the bleached blond. Xander moaned as Spike's muscles clenched tightly around him and he wondered briefly why he'd never fucked a guy before, this was incredible. Xander ground his pelvis against Spike's ass. God, Spike was so tight and his body was nice and cool. It felt amazing to bury himself over and over again in this sweet tightness, so good that he almost forgot that he was doing this against Spike's will. He forced his guilt and his own horror at what he was doing deep inside himself so that the only thing driving him was his fury at Anya and Spike.

Spike groaned as Xander's cock rammed into him. He'd forgotten how much it hurt at first to be taken forcefully. Angelus had thoroughly enjoyed every inch of Spike's body in the past, but it had been awhile. His demon sat up and purred, the pain familiar and welcoming. The boy kept thrusting into him and soon the pain became pleasure. He heard Xander moan and felt the boy rub up against his ass. The scent of Xander's pheromones filled his senses and he heard himself whimper as pleasure surged through him. He felt Xander's warm, wet lips sucking on the back of his neck and shuddered as the boy trailed hot kisses to his ear, gasping as Xander's moist, warm breath washed over his chilled skin.

"How does it feel, baby? How does it feel to take it up the ass from someone you trust? As far as I'm concerned, you raped me when you slept with her. How does it feel? Huh? Tell me, Spike, how do you like it?" Xander murmured into Spike ear, taunting the smaller man. Spike shuddered visibly as Xander's tongue circled the shell of his ear, punctuating his mocking query.

"Xander..." He moaned, wanting to explain, hating himself for enjoying this. "I didn't mean..." I just wanted to feel something. Buffy's words echoed in his head. They were followed by Xander's cutting words to Anya. You let that evil, soulless thing touch you. You wanted me to feel something? Congratulations. It worked. I look at you and I feel sick...cause you had sex with...that. He angrily shook his head, trying to stop hearing those hurtful words. Damn it, he was not a thing! And despite what Harris thought, he did have feelings and words hurt him just as much as the next bloke. He felt a knot tighten in his stomach at the memory of Xander's insults.

"Yes, you did! You wouldn't have touched her if you didn't mean to! Don't lie to me now, you bastard!" He grabbed the vampire by the hair and yanked Spike's head back, earning a soft growl. "You did it to hurt Buffy and me."

"No! Buffy, maybe, but not you..." Spike managed to say, gasping as Xander's hand fisted more tightly in his hair. "Ahh!" He moaned harshly as Xander rolled his hips. He heard Xander whimper as he involuntarily pushed back into the boy's thrusts. Xander panted, another whimper escaping his lips as he let go of Spike's hair and grabbed Spike's hips in a bruising grip. Spike hissed, but didn't try to pull away.

"Why? Because you care so much about me and my feelings? Give it up, Fangless. You've tried to kill me on more than one occasion, why the hell should I believe you?" Xander slammed his hips forward, making Spike cry out. The sound was definitely not one of pain. Xander gave a cold smile. "Don't tell me you're getting off on this? William the Bloody, a big nelly bottom? Who would have ever guessed?" He reached around and roughly pinched a tight nipple. Spike writhed against him, panting and moaning. Unspeakably aroused by the sexy noises coming from the vampire's throat, Xander scraped his teeth along Spike's neck as he twisted the vamps hardened nipples. There was something unbelievably powerful about making the usually arrogant, sometimes cruel vamp moan his name in that sexy, breathy voice.

"Xander...please...oh, God...ohhhh God...ohhhh yeah...just like that...ohhh...so good...ahhhh...Xander...Xander...XANDER! OH! OHHH GOD!" Spike screamed the boys name as he came violently against the wall. Xander moaned, shuddering as he felt Spike's muscles contract around his cock.

"Oh...Jesus...oh fuck..." Xander groaned, pounding into Spike. Spike tightened his muscles, giving Xander as much pleasure as possible. Xander cried out softly and dropped his head forward against Spike's, rubbing his forehead against the surprisingly soft bleached curls. Don't you get it? You were the only one who understood me. How could you do this to me? I trusted you, damn it...I thought you were different. He bit his lip to keep the thought from being voiced. Spike smelled so good...felt so good...why was this happening to him? He needed Spike with a fierceness he couldn't explain...a fierceness that shook him to his core. His eyes stung from his unshed tears, but he didn't stop fucking Spike.

"Come on...give yourself to me, baby...cum for me, Xander...don't fight it, pet...you'll feel so much better..." Spike murmured, trying to coax Xander into his orgasm. Xander closed his eyes and saw Spike and Anya fucking on the table at the Magic Box. Spike all lean and beautiful giving himself to Anya, Anya moaning and arching beneath him. The memory of the pleasure on Spike's face was enough to send him over the edge.

"FUCK! SPIKE! OHHHH! OH GOD! OHHH FUCK!" He cried, his body jerking, his eyes closed in ecstasy as he came deep inside of Spike. Dropping his head forward again, he slowly withdrew from Spike's body. He had just done the unthinkable, he'd raped a helpless being. Spike with his chip was no longer a physical threat. He hated himself immensely for what he had just done. In his physically and emotionally weakened state, he was unable to stop Spike from shoving him backwards. The vampire wouldn't look at Xander as he yanked up his jeans, zipping them, pushing past the boy.

"Feel better now, luv? Got all that rage out by having a go at the evil, soulless thing?" Spike snatched his duster up, sliding his arms into it. He dug in the pocket for a post-coital fag. Grabbing the cigarette pack, he pulled one free and flicked his lighter open. A second later, he took a drag, needing the nicotine. Xander hadn't moved a muscle. "Nothing to say for yourself, whelp? Not even a fuck you, Spike? You're losing your touch, mate." He saw Xander tense and waited for the explosion, but it didn't come in the way he'd expected. Xander burst into tears again...deep, gasping sobs. He crumpled to his knees, his body shaking violently. "Bloody hell!" Spike swore, crushing out his cigarette and rushing to Xander's side. "Come on, pet...up you go..." He scooped the boy up and gently re-dressed him, pulling Xander down onto the mattress that served as his bed. Pulling the crying young man close, Spike stroked Xander's soft, sable hair, murmuring sweet, soothing words of comfort into the boy's ear.

Xander slowly raised his head and looked at Spike. The vampire felt a bit uncomfortable being subjected to such a lengthy scrutiny, he was about to ask Xander about it when the boy did something that shocked him more than the rape. Xander leaned forward and took Spike's mouth in a hungry kiss. Spike froze and then slowly surrendered to the boy's warmth, Xander had the sweetest tasting mouth. They moaned into each other's mouths, tongues delving deep. Spike rolled, easily pinning Xander beneath him as they ravished each other. They only parted when Xander finally had to rip his mouth away for much needed air. He panted as if he'd run for miles. Spike looked down at Xander...still not sure what had just happened. Xander had been furious with him and then minutes later, he was practically eating Spike up with his pretty little mouth...his pretty little mouth...swollen and wet from their kisses. Spike took an unnecessary breath and slowly sat up, his hands still on Xander's shoulders.

"Does this mean that you forgive me then?" Spike asked, flippantly, suddenly feeling that something wasn't right. Xander Harris hated him, would rather be dead than be in Spike's bed. So, why was the whelp still here? Why wasn't he standing over a big pile of Spike dust? "Or are you just trying to stick it to Anya? She hurts you by shagging me, so you turn around and shag me to get back at her? I thought I made you sick, yeah? Help me understand this, Xander, what is it exactly that you think you're doing?"

Chapter 2

The dark-haired man jerked away from him, rolling to a sitting position, his expression furious and hurt.

"You shut the fuck up! This is all your fault! Why couldn't you be ugly and smell bad or something? But no, you had to be gorgeous and blond and sexy! She was weak and you moved in for the kill! I hurt her so bad when I walked out and until you screwed it all up, I was going to ask her to give me a second chance, let me make it up to her...maybe even work our way back to marriage..." Xander glared at him, the tears in his eyes ruining the effect. He hated this empty, aching feeling Spike always left him with. Even if he did understand Xander more than anyone else, Spike had the uncanny ability to make him feel like the worlds biggest loser. He felt like he did when he was around his father...never good enough. "I let myself believe that you were harmless, that you couldn't hurt us, but then you turn around and you move in on my fiancée...just because I left, doesn't mean I didn't love her..."

"It takes two to tango, luv. I was in the right place at the wrong time...things happened. I wasn't there looking for a shag and I doubt she was expecting me to walk in the store. Despite what you think, Xander, the thing with Anya was not about you." Xander snorted and Spike amended, "Okay, maybe it was on her part, but I didn't give you a thought." He felt like shit when Xander visibly flinched. "Soddin hell, don't give me the wounded puppy eyes. I was hurt and she looked so sad and...things happened." He finished lamely, still looking into those gorgeous, heart-melting eyes. "What is it with you brooding beauties and your sad, drown-in-me, chocolate eyes? My sire was the same bleedin way." He needed another cigarette. "Even without the soul, Angelus had those eyes...had me wrapped around his little finger, he did. I would do almost anything for him and it cost me Dru. Stole her from me when I was in that poncy wheelchair, treated me like the dirt on the bottom of his shoes." Sighing, Spike came back to himself and his lip curled in a slight sneer. "Thought the Slayer would be different, but I was out of my bleedin mind. She said I was beneath her, that I was a disgusting thing and she was using me. I told her once that I was loves bitch and she proved me right again, she did." He paused, realizing that he was picking at his black nail polish and opening up to Xander like a teenage girl. "Look, mate, I know you hate me right now and I am sorry that you got hurt. You're not so bad...treat me fairly decent really...even if we hardly agree on anything. You did put me up for a bit in your basement. If you think about it, were not so different, you and I...we love too much, too fast...and look what it gets us...not a bloody thing." He sighed and went to move off the bed, but Xander blocked his way. "Xan..."

"Why did you go to the magic shop, Spike?" He had to know what had started the chain of events that led to him raping Spike against the crypt wall. The blond sighed and ran a hand over his gelled hair and rubbed his neck as if to dispel tension there. Spike mumbled something that Xander couldn't quite make out. "What?" The blond closed his eyes briefly and then slowly opened them, not looking at Xander as he spoke.

"I went there for a numbing spell...something to keep from hurting every time I looked at her or heard her voice. Buffy's not the first to tell me I wasn't up to par and with my track record, I doubt shell be the last. Anya hurt you in retaliation, I hurt you unintentionally, double-edged sword and all that, you know. I wanted something to take away the pain and all that happened was more people got hurt. I may not have a soul, but I do have a heart and it can still break even if it's not beating." He finally looked up at Xander who was nodding his head as if he completely understood. "God, were a pair, aren't we, pet?" Again, Xander nodded, a sad smile on his face and tears in his eyes. "I didn't mean to hurt you, Xander, truly."

"I'm sorry...for..." Unable to say it out loud, Xander waved his arm toward the wall where he'd raped Spike. Tears slid down his cheeks. Spike reached out and gently wiped them away with his fingers. Xander seemed surprised at the caring touch.

"I know that you are. I forgive you. Chalk it up to temporary insanity, kay, luv? Besides, not like it was the first time..." He saw Xander's head come up fast at his last comment, wide shocked dark eyes met his. "Angelus, remember? Scourge of Europe? Nasty temper, he has. Don't want to get on his bad side...rotten son of a bitch, that one." Xander felt a fist squeeze his heart at the name of the evil vampire...ironically, he didn't want to think of Angelus hurting Spike like that. He refused to admit that he was also jealous of the dark demon for spending all those years with the bleached blond. Instead, he gave a soft, humorless laugh.

"Angelus...he almost killed me, but Drusilla stopped him...it was that spell I had Amy cast...a love spell...but she tried to kill me, too."

"Amy, the rat?" Spike sounded surprised. He recalled hearing about her from Willow and Buffy, who had herself been turned into a rat during that spell thing with Xander. However, Amy had been a rat for a lot longer than Buffy.

"No...Drusilla. She called me, Kitten." Xander shook his head. "Asked me what I thought about eternal life." He shuddered at the memory.

"Dru always did have a thing for you. Said you were dark and dreamy...could see things. I think she saw you as sort of a kindred spirit, so to speak. You with all your perception...used to piss me off the way she would spout off about you." Spike admitted.

"I wasn't good enough for her, huh?" Xander asked, a self-deprecating smile curving his lush mouth. It didn't surprise him, after all, he was donut boy and Spike was...well, Spike was hot...and sensual and...not Xander. Spike saw the self-doubt on the humans face, watched as Xander's expressive eyes showed him the extent to which the whelp was putting himself down. It made him angry as he recalled all the times the boy had been ignored or brushed aside by the rest of the Scoobies. He also knew from living with the kid that Xander's family life was just as emotionally devastating.

"Bloody hell, boy, don't you ever stop beating yourself up? You're better than the lot of us, don't you know that? You're the one that everyone thinks is without special talents, but you see things, Xan, you see things better than anyone. You're perceptive guy, remember? You may think you're nothing special, but I know different." Spike reached out and brushed back a stray, dark curl from Xander's forehead and they both gasped at the electric shock, which hadn't happened earlier when Spike had wiped away the boy's tears. Xander's eyes darken a shade and groaned as the scent of Xander's arousal hit him full force, his body reacting accordingly. What was it with him and these dark-haired beauties? He hungered for them, his weakness for them was absolute. "I know different." He repeated, softly, his eyes boring into Xander's. Unconsciously, Xander licked his lips and looked away. A bolt of pleasure rocked Spike and he heard himself growl softly. Xander looked back at him with dazed chocolatey eyes. Bloody hell...must touch him...must taste him... Need clawed at the vampire.

Gently pushing Xander back onto the bed, Spike dipped his head, licking a trail up Xander's throat. He heard the boy whimper and breathed deep, he grew even harder as he smelled the increase of arousal in Xander's blood as it pounded beneath the boys skin. Xander shivered, wanting Spike to never stop touching him. Spike nipped him with blunt teeth, arousing him further. Spike heard Xander gasp and looked at the whelp through his lashes, the boy looked absolutely delicious. Xander's head was thrown back against the mattress, his eyes closed, full lips parted, and his face flushed. Spike's demon stirred at the sight of the boy.

"Lets take these off, yeah?" Spike pulled off Xander's shoes and socks, dropping them unceremoniously on the floor next to his bed. He crawled back up Xander's body, his smile predatory, his eyes reflecting his hunger for the boy.

Xander groaned as Spike slid a hand under his black tee shirt, gasping in surprise as the vampire ripped it in two. He opened his eyes and saw Spike's lips lift in a sexy smirk. Xander cried out as Spike swirled his tongue around a tight nipple, arching his back. He moaned, writhing beneath the other mans mouth as Spike moved to the other side, scraped blunt teeth over the stiff peak, and then soothed the sting with his cool tongue. Xander whimpered with every laving stroke, his jeans becoming tighter by the second.

Chapter 3

"So sweet..." Spike murmured as he moved down Xander's body.

He nipped at Xander's belly, watching as the muscles rippled. "Lift up for me, luv." Xander lifted his hips, arching into Spike's touch as the vampire unzipped his pants and practically ripped them from him. Xander moved fast, he grabbed the hem of Spike's black t-shirt and pulled it over the vamps head. Spike went upon his knees and unzipped his pants, shoving them down. He pulled them off and threw the jeans across the crypt before turning his attentions back to the human. He felt Xander's hands clutch at him as he dipped his tongue in the mortal's bellybutton. As he nibbled his way down the boy's body, he heard Xander moan his name. The boy was shaking, his hips lifting off the mattress. Spike licked the spot where Xander's thigh and groin met, lifting his head with a slight smirk as he heard the human swearing.

"Fuck...oh God...shit...ohhhh..." Xander felt his balls tighten as Spike did it again. He put his arms over his head, crushing Spike's pillow in his fists as Spike licked a slow trail up his throbbing erection. His eyes fluttered closed and he could hear himself panting and moaning as the vampire continued his torturous teasing. His blood felt like it was on fire, his nerve endings felt electrified. He'd never felt this alive with Anya, never realized until now just how selfish the vengeance demon really was. She had gotten plenty of orgasms from him and sure, he'd cum from their lovemaking, but Anya never truly paid him this kind of attention before. No wonder Buffy had...no, this was not the time to think of her with Spike. Letting go of the pillow, he cried out, sinking his hands in Spike's cropped blond locks, as Spike took him deep with a low moan. He had never expected the vampire to suck his cock, never thought Spike would do such a thing. Spike had always wanted everyone to know how much of a ladies man he was, always called Angel a big pouf and had seemed quite offended by Giles handing him off to Xander when that Olivia chick had come in from England. God, Spike was really good at this. Xander bit his lip and involuntarily thrust up into Spike's mouth. "Ohhhh God...feels so good...ohhh Spike..." He saw Spike raise his head and sucked in a sharp breath as he saw the golden hue of Spike's eyes, knew the vampire was fighting to keep himself in control. He mewled as Spike swirled his tongue around the tip of his cock, arching as he was deep-throated again. Spike groaned around Xander's impressive length, didn't the boy know how incredibly sexy he was? He always had been sexy in an awkward, kind of clumsy way, but Xander was brave, loyal, and smarter than a lot of people gave him credit for. Xander was a survivor. Spike had marveled at that on a number of occasions. He heard Xander's breath hitch and knew that the boy was close to orgasm. Reluctantly, Spike lifted his head, shushing Xander when he moaned in protest, "Please...Spike...don't leave me like this..."

"Sorry, luv, but I don't want it to be over yet. Turn over...I'm not going to hurt you, Xander." He added softly at the mortal's wary expression. He moved back, allowing the other man to roll onto his stomach and then he slid his body sensually up Xander's. Xander moaned, shuddering as Spike's body slid deliciously against his. Spike fought his demon as his erect cock bumped one of Xander's firm, round ass cheeks. He rubbed himself against the boy again and again, becoming addicted to Xander's husky little cries and sexy moans. He began to lick his way down Xander's spine, wanting more of him. "Hands and knees, pet." He murmured. When Xander obeyed, he paused only seconds before parting the rounded cheeks and tasting him. Xander cried out, his hips rolling, body jerking, as Spike moaned in pleasure. The vampire began to thoroughly eat him out and Xander reacted violently, moaning and gasping and panting, his hips moving with each devastating lash of Spike's tongue.

He was going to die, Xander was sure of it. Spike's talented tongue was doing things to his ass that he'd never known were possible and that was saying a lot considering how long he was with Anya, the sex fiend. "Ohhhhh...Spike...fuck...oh my God...." Spike reached around and began to jack him off with expert movements.

"No, pet, its still me...cum for me, Xander...give me that sweetness, baby..." Spike purred, his voice pure sex.

"FUCK! OH SHIT! SPIKE! SPIIIIKE!" Xander gasped, as his muscles tightened violently and with a harsh moan, he came all over Spike's bed. He shuddered, his arms threatening to collapse. Spike gently pushed him over onto his back, lowered his body to Xander's and slid a knee between Xander's thighs, rubbing his throbbing cock against Xander's semi-hard one. Xander moaned, arching his back as their bodies rubbed erotically together. Spike slid down a bit and began to tease a beaded nipple, which he'd discovered was one of Xander's erogenous zones. The boy whimpered, biting his lip as his back arched again. He made the sweetest little sounds each time Spike's cool tongue grazed the little peak.

"Yeah, you like that, don't you, baby? I know what makes you feel good. You are so beautiful like this...all stretched out beneath me...wanton and needy..." Spike murmured, still teasing Xander's nipples. The boy shivered, goosebumps rising on his skin at Spike's words. Spike lifted his head and Xander made a helpless sound as he caught sight of Spike's golden eyes. Spike smiled a feral smile at the boy as he felt Xander's now stiff and throbbing cock pulse against his stomach. He slid back up the mortal's body and captured Xander's mouth in a sweet, seductive kiss that the boy felt all the way to his toes. Spike moaned into Xander's mouth as Xander rolled his hips, rubbing his stiff cock against the blonds.

"I want you...want you so bad...Spike, please..." Xander panted, his blood was on fire. He desperately rubbed himself against the welcoming coolness of Spike's sculpted body. Both men moaned, moving together in an erotic rhythm.

"Not going to hurt you...so beautiful like this, Xander...want you..." Spike groaned. He watched through lust-filled eyes as Xander whimpered, throwing his dark head back against the pillow, exposing his throat trustingly to the blond vampire. He heard the soft breathy pants coming from the boys parted lips. He cursed softly as he realized he would have to move away from the bed to get them some lube. Xander looked at him, his expression a mix of confusion and fear. "Don't you move." Spike commanded, giving the mortal a quick kiss. Xander moaned in protest, grabbing for Spike as the vampire began to move off the bed. "Shhh...be right back, luv." The blond promised. He put his hand down, right into Xander's cooling cum on the bed sheet. He lifted his hand and smiled. "Perfect." He murmured, using the fluid to lubricate Xander's cock. The boy gasped, involuntarily thrusting up into Spike's fist. "Oh, yeah...very hot, baby." Spike praised him, his eyes wavering between gold and blue. He straddled Xander's hips and smiled at the boys dazed expression. "I told you that I wasn't going to hurt you, didn't I, luv?" Spike raised himself up, positioned Xander, and eased himself down onto the boy's impressive erection. Xander bit his lip, groaning, as he was once again buried deep inside of Spike's tight channel. The boy sat up, wrapping a strong arm around Spike's back, he moved to his knees, and eased Spike down onto the mattress, effortlessly pinning the blond beneath him. Spike moaned as Xander began to rock his hips, sliding in and out of Spike's sexy body. Xander watched as Spike vamped out and then quickly melted back into his human features.

"Again..." He murmured, wanting to see his lover's true face. It drove him wild knowing that he was making Spike lose control. He heard Spike's low growl and smiled as his demon face appeared. Spike made a purring sound deep in his throat as Xander reached up and ran his fingers along the ridges on Spike's face. Curious, Xander trailed a fingertip down one of Spike's fangs, he didn't even notice he'd sliced his finger until Spike's tongue came out and lapped at the blood. "Your chip didn't go off." He muttered, not sure if that was a good thing. He heard Spike laugh and noticed that the vamp had changed back to looking human again.

"No harmful intent, luv. You were the one who sliced his finger on my fangs, I wasn't aiming to bite you." With that, Spike sucked Xander's finger into his mouth, moaning at the sweet, long-denied taste of fresh human blood. Xander echoed the sound a second later as pleasure shot straight to his groin with every movement of Spike's mouth around his finger. He thrust his hips forward, causing Spike to cry out and release his finger. Xander lowered his head and took Spike's mouth in another hungry kiss, imitating with his tongue what he was doing with his body. Spike wrapped his legs around Xander's waist, sliding his hands up Xander's back, his hips rocking with each thrust of Xander's. Xander lifted his head, panting. Spike gave him one full minute of oxygen before capturing his luscious mouth again. Xander rolled them so that Spike was on top. Spike tossed his head back as he began to ride Xander hard, sharp pleasure tightening his features which flashed from demon to human continuously until the blond came with a hoarse, wordless roar.

"Goddamn..." Xander whispered as he felt Spike's cool fluid hit his chest, chin, and throat. He had never seen anything more sexy, more beautiful than Spike cumming. "OH FUCK! AHHH! OH GOD!" Xander cried out, cumming deep inside Spike. Panting, the blond slid off Xander and rolled to his side before reclining on his elbow to look at his lover.

"You don't think that Buffy jinxed us, do you? You know, made a wish or some rot?" Spike asked, snuggling up to Xander. "I'm quite sure you weren't the only one I pissed off tonight." He was caught off-guard when Xander roughly shoved him away and sat up. "Wot? Oh, come on, aren't you wondering the same thing? You and me? Not the puppy eyes again!" Spike growled and slid off the bed. "I'm not putting you down...I'm just saying...I don't know what the soddin hell I'm saying, but...okay, you obviously find me attractive and I obviously find you attractive, yeah?" He paused waiting for Xander to answer.

"Yeah." Xander said, grudgingly. "What's your point?"

"Are you in love with me?" He asked, watching Xander closely. The boy looked stunned and confused.

"Uh..." He blinked.

"And there's my point, pet. Did you want to bugger me before tonight?"

"I don't...um...I plead the fifth." Xander stammered, shocking the hell out of Spike, whose jaw dropped. He hadn't been expecting that.

Chapter 4

The boy was tomato red and fidgety. Xander wouldn't look him in the eye and kept shifting his weight from one foot to the other. Spike looked him up and down, trying not to smile as he noticed just how hard Xander had become.

"Keeping secrets, Xander, luv? I thought the idea of anyone having sex with me made you sick. But you weren't sick, were you? You were jealous." Spike looked at the boy, his blue eyes wide with astonishment as he realized why Xander had been so furious with him. The last wasn't really a question but Xander confirmed it when he finally locked eyes with the vampire. Spike saw the fear and the frustration in Xander's eyes.

"Yes! Fine! I was jealous, you happy now?" He looked humiliated.

"How long?" Spike demanded.

"What? How long?" Xander looked bewildered.

"How long have you thought about..." Spike gestured to his bed.

"Why? What does it matter now? Can't you smell stuff on people? When they're aroused or whatever? You should already know the answer to how long I've wanted to...be with you." Xander looked so uncomfortable that Spike wanted to reassure him, but he also wanted the answer to his question. Xander had always been a horny teenager and it had been hard to know if the boy had wanted him or the Slayer or the cheerleader or even Red before she discovered that she preferred the ladies. He needed to know who exactly Xander wanted...now.

"I want to hear it from you, Harris, answer the bloody question already!" Spike growled, "How long have you wanted to get me in the sack?"

"Since that night in the school with Angel, okay? He asked if you wanted a bite before fighting Buffy. I was the bite he was offering up." Xander's words sparked a memory and Spike growled softly as it flashed through his mind. Angel had dragged Xander up to Spike, offering his neck for a taste. He also recalled Xander's words tinged with betrayal when the mortal thought Angel was evil. I knew you were lying...undead liar guy...and Angels seductive offer. Wanna bite before we kill her? Spike's eyes flashed gold at the memory of the scent of Xander's fear and a little something else just beneath the surface of that.

"I remember. You always were the nummy little treat, weren't you, pet?" He saw Xander's Adams Apple bob as the boy swallowed hard at his words.

"You didn't bite me. You were too pissed that Angel was faking. You punched him and called him your Yoda. He thought you'd believe he was Angelus. I could have told him it wouldn't work, but he didn't give me a chance. I was just the bait to him." Xander knew that he was beginning to ramble, but he was too busy trying to will away his erection. He dropped his gaze to his feet. When he looked up again, he nearly screamed, jumping out of his skin. Spike was less than two feet in front of him. "Jesus! Spike, don't do that! Creepy vampire guy kind of makes me nervous." Spike moved with vampire speed, licking a trail up Xander's throat, making the boy moan and throw his head back. Xander's eyes fluttered closed.

"My nummy treat...moist and delicious...mmmmmm...too right you were, pet." Spike purred, nuzzling Xander's neck. Xander gasped and his cock twitched as Spike bit the sensitive flesh with blunt teeth.

"Spike..." Xander moaned, shuddering as goosebumps covered his body. Spike flicked one of Xander's pebbled nipples with his thumb, smiling as the human whimpered. "Spike...please..."

"You remember that night, too, don't you, pet? When the Watchers friend came and you tied me up." Xander blushed and Spike chuckled. "Such a dirty mind, Xanpet. You tied me to the chair next to your bed and called yourself moist and delicious. I didn't sleep at all, I couldn't stop thinking about what would happen if I broke free and slid into bed with you, if I slid my body against yours..." Xander began to pant as he began to visualize Spike's fantasy. He whimpered again as heat pooled in his groin. Suddenly, Spike swore and moved away. "Get dressed! Buffy is here!" Two seconds later, a loud pounding began on Spike's crypt door. "Bloody hell! I'm not deaf, girl! I'm also not decent!" Xander hurriedly pulled on his jeans, forgoing his boxers and searched frantically for his blue shirt. He found it and started to button it up.

"Open the fucking door, Spike! I've seen you naked before! If this door isn't opened in the next five seconds, I'm going to break it down!" Buffy shouted.

"Oh, for..." Spike spluttered, yanking on his jeans, giving Xander an apologetic shrug. They both jumped as a horrendous sounding thud filled the crypt. The door made a creaking sound and fell in, landing on the floor with a deafening crash. "Are you out of your ever loving mind, Slayer? I just got this place fixed back up! She bloody well killed my door." Buffy stormed in and came to a screeching halt as she realized a couple of things. One, Spike had just said he wasn't decent, but the only other person in the crypt was Xander. Two, Xander didn't have socks or shoes on and his hair was mussed. Three, both of the men were flushed with wet, swollen lips and the whole room smelled of sex.

"Oh. My. God." Buffy looked wildly from one man to the other. "You...hypocrite!" She whirled on Xander. "You have some nerve making me feel guilty for screwing Spike! And you!" She poked Spike in the chest hard. "You say you're in love with me and then you go off and you fuck Anya and in the same night...you fuck Xander...no remorse...no guilt whatsoever! If you didn't have that chip, you'd be blowin in the wind! I thought you might just be different, but you're just like..."

"Don't say it, Slayer...don't compare me to him!" Spike warned.

"You are just like every other male on this planet! Including Angel! God, you're nothing but a bunch of liars and cheaters and ARGGGHHHHH!" She finished with a scream as she turned and ran from the crypt. Spike massaged his ears one at a time and looked over at Xander who was still wincing.

"No one can say that the Summers women don't have good lungs." Xander said. Spike snorted. "So, uh, you gonna go after her?"

"What for? So she can tell me again what a worthless waste of space I am? No, I think I'll finally give her that breathing room she's been bitching about. You can go after her if you want to." Spike turned and grabbed his pack of cigarettes. When he turned around, Xander was staring at him, hands on his hips. "Wot?"

"You are such a man." Xander gave a frustrated sigh and grabbed the rest of his clothes. He turned, gave Spike an exasperated look, and turned to leave.

"I'm a vampire. I'm not a man anymore." Spike said, his voice a bit colder than he meant for it to be.

"Vampire. Man. You're a jerk no matter what you are. I'm going home." Xander walked toward the doorway, but found Spike blocking his way.

"Oi! The hell you are! Not until we talk about the bug you now have up your bum!" Spike's features appeared sharper as the muscles in his neck and face tightened in irritation. He saw Xander look at the door and back to Spike and back to the bed and back to the door again. He frowned, a thought hit him and a look of horror crossed his face. "Son of a bitch! You're still in love with her!"

"I'll always love her, I was going to marry her, for Gods..." Xander began.

"Not the demon! Buffy! You're hot for the Slayer!" Spike was practically spitting blood. "You come in here, rape me, make me all hot for you, bugger me, and you're in love with Buffy!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! I am not in love with Buffy! You think I would marry Anya if I was in love with someone else?"

"You didn't marry Anya, whelp! You're in love with Supergirl." Spike sneered. The thought of Xander kissing or even touching another person made Spike sick.

"IM IN LOVE WITH YOU!" The words echoed loudly off the crypt walls and the two men stood there and stared at each other.

Chapter 5

"I'm dreaming. I fell asleep and when I wake up, I'm going to stake myself." Spike muttered, ranting to himself as he paced around his crypt. "I've lost it...gone off the soddin deep end, I have! Pinch me. Bloody pinch me! OW!" He yelped, rubbing his arm, as Xander happily obliged him. "You have an evil streak in you, Harris. I didn't literally mean for you to...you really love me?" The vampire looked uncertain. "Nobody's really ever been in love with me...not Dru or Angelus or Buffy. Look at me, Xander. Are you sure this is what you want? I'm dead, luv. And I'm a vampire. And you have me rambling on like some poufy, repressed...Giles! I bloody well sound like the Watcher!"

"Forget I said anything. We can just chalk that up to insanity, too. Its been a long day...night...and I'm really tired all of a sudden. Its been...interesting. Good night and I'll see you around." Xander snatched up his clothes, blinked back stinging tears of humiliation, and moved quickly toward the door. Spike grabbed his arm and spun him around.

"I don't want to forget it! Don't you dare take it back! Everyone else in my life has taken it back! Dru left me for a bloody Chaos demon! Angelus got a soul and ran away. Buffy...just used me. You...don't get to take it back. I wont be cast off again. We are the same...don't you see? I cover my pain with sarcasm and so do you. We've both been hurt by love more than once and yet we still manage to keep falling for the people we shouldn't. We fight like a soddin married couple...both Red and the Watcher have said so...hell, pet, even Buffy agrees!"

"Are you in love with me?" Xander asked, his voice shaking.

"You have to bloody ask?" At Xander's pointed look, he sighed. "Yeah, years of insecurities and people treating you like you're nothing. I was just like you when I was alive. I told you before and I'll say it until you hear me. You're special, Xander. You fail over and over again..."

"Gee, thanks. " Xander interrupted, his defenses up.

"Oi! Let me finish. If you get knocked down, you get right back up. You are one of the bravest people I've ever met...impulsive, maybe, but I've seen you jump headfirst into a fray to save your mates. You don't hold back. You have passion, luv. So, in answer to your question, yes. I've been in love with you since you tied me to that chair in your parent's basement. You knew I couldn't hurt you...I was already chipped. You made me feel like I was still the Big Bad, that you were scared of me enough to tie me up."

"Giles had you chained in his bathtub...that didn't make you feel Big and Bad?" Xander asked, his voice soft, thready, showing his need for reassurance.

"The Watcher did that because he thinks of me as a neutered dog and anyway, Giles isn't my type, luv. I like em dark-haired with sad, chocolatey eyes." Spike ran the back of his hand down Xander's cheek. He saw the boy's eyes close slowly and felt a rush of pleasure to his groin as Xander rubbed his cheek against Spike's hand like a cat being petted. "Such a beautiful boy..." Spike caressed Xander's lower lip with his thumb.

"Spike..." Xander whispered, opening his eyes. Spike found himself getting lost in the dark, smoky orbs...Xander had the most gorgeous eyes. Blinking, Spike mentally shook himself out of a daze. Xander licked his lips and Spike found himself enticed by the boy's sweet pink tongue. Xander moaned as Spike's mouth ravished his. He found himself pinned between Spike's body and the crypt wall, his shoes and socks in a heap by their feet. Spike cupped Xander's head, deepening the kiss and was pleased to hear Xander moan again. Their tongues danced, teasing and tasting and pleasuring. Xander panted as they broke apart, whimpering as Spike's cool lips moved down his throat, nibbling the sensitive skin with blunt teeth. He let his head fall back against the wall, giving Spike better access.

"Taste so good...my own little Scooby snack..." Spike teased Xander, soothing a bite with his tongue. Xander shuddered, a hand coming up to stroke the soft hair at the nape of Spike's neck. The vampire made a purring sound, still nuzzling the surprisingly soft skin on Xander's throat. Xander gasped as Spike found another erogenous zone. He heard himself moan softly and an appreciative sound from Spike. The vamp licked the area.

"Do it." Xander heard himself say. "Claim me, Spike." He felt Spike freeze and then heard the blond groan.

"You know I cant, baby. Neutered, remember? Those bloody soldier pricks!" Spike pulled away briefly and raked a hand through his bleached hair.

"Your chip didn't go off when I sliced my finger...what was it you said, no harmful intent? I want you to bite me, so that's not harmful right? Bite me, Spike...claim me...make me yours." Xander pleaded, his voice thick with lust.

"You don't know what you're asking, luv. Claiming is like mating...cant undo it if it doesn't work out...not like getting a divorce when a marriage hits the skids. Claiming is for eternity...means no one else can touch you...means Id get crazy jealous even if Red gives you a hug. It means you drinking some of my blood." That last part got a reaction.

"No offense, but ewwww. Being human, I wont get sick, will I? I mean, its not like I drink blood every day." Xander amended, desperately trying not to offend Spike. "Wait, you're not just saying that so I'll change my mind, are you?"

"Oi, whelp, I happen to be quite moist and delicious myself. And no, it's all part of the bonding process. You wont get sick but it has a tangy copper taste to it that you as a human might find slightly unpleasant. You ever get a split lip and touch your tongue to it to stop the bleeding?" At Xander's nod, he continued, "Then you know that to humans blood is a little bitter, salty even. Think you can handle a teaspoonful of my blood?"

Chapter 6

"Is that all? Hell, yeah, if I can survive two run-ins with Angelus, the whole Master thing, a Praying Mantis Lady, an Incan Mummy, and a relationship with Cordelia, I can definitely handle one teaspoon of Spike blood."

"Praying Mantis Lady? Incan Mummy? You've been quite the busy little boy, haven't you, pet? Pretty stupid or careless of Angelus leaving you alive...then again, he always did like pretty little boys." Spike's voice dropped about an octave as he lazily traced Xander's collarbone with his index and middle fingers. His lover inhaled sharply at his touch and Spike slid his hand up the column of Xander's throat and into the boys silky, sable hair, combing it sensually with his fingertips.

"He was after Willow the first time...that feels really good..." Xander arched into the caresses. "And Drusilla stopped him the second time...I would be dead, drained, if not for her. I guess I never really got the chance to thank her for that. He didn't think I was pretty, he thought I was dinner."

"Trust me, pet, Angelus is a lot of things, but he's not blind. When he offered you to me at the school, he wanted you...maybe more than he wanted Buffy and the soul made the guilt overwhelming so he treated you like...like he treated me. You know, condescending as hell, acts as if he has a stake the size of a California redwood up his ass? Imagine if he found us repulsive, luv?"

"I shudder to think." Xander shared a smirk with his lover. "Lets not talk about him anymore. Kind of kills the mood." He managed to spin Spike around and press him up against the wall, dipping his head to suck on the skin below Spike's ear. He heard Spike make a kind of strangled sound in his throat and then Xander heard a popping sound and felt cool air hit his bare chest. He looked down at realized that Spike had just yanked his button down shirt open, popping the buttons off all the way down. "I didn't need that shirt, either." He quickly dismissed the clothing, letting the garment fall off his shoulders. Xander resumed sucking on Spike's neck, knowing that would drive the vamp crazy. Spike growled in pleasure, rubbing his hands all over Xander's muscular chest and shoulders. Xander began to make his way down Spike's sculpted body, licking and sucking the pale skin. Spike gasped as Xander's warm tongue lapped at his erect nipples. His entire body jerked in reaction as the boy bit at the tiny peaks, bathing them with soothing strokes afterwards.

"Yeah...ohhhh yeah...bite em...hurt me...come on, baby...harder...just like that...Xander...yeah, twist em...so bloody hot, pet..." Spike moaned, praising his lover as Xander became more passionate in pleasuring him.

Xander looked up at his vampire through his lashes and slowly moved down Spike's body, sucking at the pale skin. Spike groaned, letting his head fall back as Xander teased his bellybutton. Raising his sleepy-looking eyes to look at Spike once again, Xander unsnapped the vamps black jeans. Waiting until he had Spike's undivided attention, the boy eased the zipper down. Xander hooked his thumbs in the belt loops at Spike's waist and peeled the jeans down Spike's legs, licking his lips at the sight of the blond's erection. More than eager to help out, Spike kicked his jeans off, tossing them aside.

"Lets get more comfortable." Spike suggested, helping Xander to his feet. He moved quickly, sitting down in his black leather recliner. "Ever experienced the 69 position?" At Xander's flustered blush, he gave the boy a reassuring smile. "Welcome to Spike Sex 101." Xander swallowed, watching as Spike popped the lever, propping his legs and feet up. He swallowed again as Spike gave him a sultry smirk, crooking his finger in a come-hither kind of way. He managed to unstick his feet from the floor and move slowly toward the blond. "I'm not going to hurt you, pet. I promise. Okay...uh...let me do something..." Spike did something to the chair and managed to get himself nearly horizontal. He looked up again and saw the mortal biting his lip, a touch of fear on his face. "Do you trust me?"

"Uh..." Xander laughed nervously. He took a deep breath and nodded.

"Come around the chair and straddle my head...don't be embarrassed, no one here but us, luv and I'm not laughing." He saw Xander dart a nervous glance at the door. "I'll smell, hear, and sense anyone before they get within 100 feet of us." Though his face was red, Xander managed a smile and with Spike's help, also managed to straddle him. "Go ahead...take me in your hand...yeah...okay, now just do whatever you like having done to you. Lick it, stroke it...it all feels good." He gently pushed Xander's thighs apart, licking the tender area between Xander's cock and his ball sac. He felt a soft, warm rush of air across the head of his cock as Xander moaned. He swore at the first feel of Xander's tongue on him. Soon the only sounds in the crypt were moans, groans, soft sucking sounds, and Xander panting for air.

Xander decided that this was absolutely his most favorite position as he felt Spike's cool tongue dip in and out of his ass. He reciprocated by taking Spike's impressive length into his throat all the way to the hilt. They drove each crazy for a good ten minutes until Spike suddenly vamped out and shot his cum down Xander's throat.


"Oh God, Spike...fuck...SHIT! SPIKE! OH FUCK!" Xander came seconds later, the sound of his name on Spike's lips was too much.

"Oh, we will, baby, we will." Spike promised.

Chapter 7

Xander climbed off the chair, licking his lips. Spike put the chair in the upright position, his eyes fixed on Xander. Xander yelped as Spike grabbed him around the waist, pulling him back down onto the chair, so that he was now straddling the vamp. He opened his mouth to say something witty and moaned as Spike captured it in a teasing, biting kiss. He gasped into Spike's mouth as the blond swatted him hard on the ass.

"Ow! No fair, I didn't get the S & M memo." He heard Spike laugh and gave the vampire a slow, flirtatious smile. He leaned forward and kissed Spike gently.

"I love you, Xan." Spike said softly, looking shy. Xander was stunned, both by the words and the look on Spike's handsome face.

"I love you, too." He whispered, pulling the blond to him. Spike was surprised at how easy it was to melt into Xander's gentle hug. He hadn't been hugged a lot in his time and it felt amazingly good. He breathed the boy's scent in greedily, savoring the soft thud of Xander's heart against his still chest. Xander shifted his weight to get more comfortable and inadvertently positioned his ass directly above Spike's throbbing erection. Wide dark eyes met lustful blue. Xander jumped as he felt one of Spike's fingers tease his puckered opening. "Spike...I..." He began, his voice shaking.

"Shhhh...easy now, luv." Spike scooped a small puddle of leftover cum off his thigh and used it to lubricate Xander's opening. Xander made a choked sound deep in his throat as Spike became bolder with his ministrations. The boy bit his lip, throwing his head back, as Spike's finger slid in to the second knuckle. Xander whimpered, rolling his hips. Spike bent his head and took one of Xander's nipples into his mouth lightly biting and sucking on the tight peak. Xander whimpered again, arching his back, his hands clutching Spike's forearms. Xander panted, his hips rolling, driving Spike's finger deeper. Spike teased Xander's nipple with the tip of his tongue, flicking the bead back and forth. He crooked his finger, stroking Xander's prostate, causing the boy to cry out with pleasure.

"Spike! Oh God! Ohhhh!" Xander moaned as he felt his muscles tighten. "I'm...I'm gonna cum! SPIKE! OH JESUS! AHHH! SPIKE!" His lover gave a satisfied growl as Xander's cum sprayed his chest. Spike lifted a hand and scraped a handful of cum off his chest, bringing it to his lips. Xander shuddered, a ragged moan escaping as he watched Spike lick his hand clean. Spike leaned forward and licked at Xander's upper lip, teasing the boy into opening his mouth, and then the blond moaned as he took complete possession of the human's mouth. Distracting the dark-haired man, Spike maneuvered the boy back over his still erect cock, deepening the kiss as he positioned Xander's body just right and pushed the boys hips down just as he thrust up. Ripping his mouth from Spike's, Xander gave a choked cry as he felt a burning, stretching sensation and then a pulsing fullness and then all he felt was an amazing throb of pleasure that made its way down his spine. "Ohhh God...Ohhh Spike...please...fuck me...please...want it so bad...want you...you feel so good..." He knew he was babbling, but he'd never felt anything as good as Spike sliding deep into him.

"Say my name like that again, sweetheart...all hot and sexy...tell me again who it is that you want, Xander...tell me..." Spike demanded, thrusting his hips up.

"Spike...Spike..." Xander whimpered. He was rewarded with a quick, hungry kiss, one that nearly robbed him of breath.

"Yeah...God, you look delicious when I shag you...like a fallen angel..." Spike pinched a dusky nipple, watching as pleasure-pain crossed Xander's face. In the silence that followed, there were soft grunts, panting, and an occasional moan as the men pleasured each other with their bodies.

"Please...do it now...Spike..." Xander tilted his head, exposing his neck to the vamp. He heard, rather than saw, Spike morph from human to demon. He felt Spike lick his neck almost soothingly before the blond bit down. Xander cried out, shocked as he felt his orgasm rip through him. "SPIKE! SPIKE! OHHHH! OH GOD!" Knowing he had to do it sooner or later, Xander bit down as hard as he could on Spike's left shoulder, grimacing slightly as he tasted the coppery blood he had drawn. He heard the muffled cry Spike gave and felt the spray of Spike's cum between their bodies. Then he felt Spike lapping at the puncture marks on his throat and swallowed some more of the bitter fluid from Spike's shoulder before gently licking Spike clean as well. He heard a soft rumbling noise and as he collapsed against his lover, he realized that Spike was purring like a big overgrown cat. "Awww." He teased his lover. "I have my very own Spike kitty." The purr became a warning growl and Spike disentangled himself from the boy.

"I'm not a cat, Harris. I will not come running to the call of here, kitty, kitty and I am not hunting for any mice...Angelus is the rat-eater, not me."

"Can I just say, ewwww? Nice imagery."

"Rats are nasty little buggers...carry fleas and disease...anyway, was I too rough for your first time, luv?" Spike looked concerned. He stroked Xander's silky dark hair as he looked his lover over for bruises.

"No...it was perfect." Xander gave Spike a blissful smile. Spike returned the smile and leaned in, kissing Xander gently on the lips.

"That it was, sweetheart. Now we are almost officially bonded."

"Almost? I thought all we had to do was have sex and bite each other, drink a little blood, and..."

"And what? Ta-da, you and I are married? Afraid it's not quite that easy, pet. One last big thing I forgot to mention...you're not going to like this part..."

"Uh-oh, am I the wife?"

"A little bit worse than that. As my sire...well, grandsire...Angel...has to approve of my mate."

"Fantastic...our wedding song will be Dust In The Wind."

"That's my Xander, always looking on the bright side. If Buffy was going to dust me, she would have done it when she burst in on us or she would have let you do it outside the Magic Box. Angel wont dust me, I'm his Childe."

"Spike, he dusted Darla...his sire." Xander reminded him.

"Good point."

"No...no points. There will be no points. I will sit down and convince Angel that this was a mutual thing and that you didn't hurt me in any way." Xander stated.

"Lets just hope that Angel will be in a listening mood."

Chapter 8

"Riight, cause I'm just lucky that way." Xander sighed, "Want to walk me home? I don't know about you but I need a shower."

"Well, there goes that theory." Spike snorted, sitting up. At Xander's questioning look, he explained, "Kind of pegged you as the cuddling after sex type. Thought it was a Xander Harris rule or something. You're an affectionate bloke, always hugging Red and Glinda, Nibblet, too. Hell, you and Rupert hug quite a lot as well. Seems I'm the only one you're not cuddling with." My God, Spike is pouting!

"Don't tell me that you're jealous of Giles? He's like my second dad, Spike. And you'd have laughed in my face if I tried to hug you where anyone else could have seen it. Don't look at me like that, you know its true."

"Get your kit on. I'll walk you home." Spike's words were clipped. The vampire pushed past Xander, finding his clothes and jerkily pulling them on.

"Spike, come on, don't be mad. Please? Look at me."

Spike raised wounded blue eyes to Xander. Xander felt his heart contract as he saw the hurt in those gorgeous eyes. He moved toward the blond as if Spike was an exotic creature that he was trying not to spook. Spike watched him warily, unsure just what Xander was up to now. He tried not to flinch as the dark-haired beauty came up behind him. Xander slid bronzed arms around Spike, pulling the vampire back against him, nuzzling the pale skin below Spike's right ear. He heard the blond take a shaky, unneeded breath.

"I-I don't..." Spike began, sighing as he realized he had no clue what to say. He shivered as he felt Xander's lips brushed his skin.

"Shhhh...don't worry about it. We can't change the past. God knows, I would if I could...I have so many regrets, but loving you is not of one them." He added as Spike tensed. "You were right that neither of us has had a great track record with love, but I'm hoping to change that and I hope I'm not the only one." Spike relaxed with another sigh and Xander pressed a kiss to the pale skin. Spike turned in Xander's arms and the mortal gave him a sweet kiss on the lips. Spike reached up, cupping Xander's face, kissing him back.

"Get dressed, sweet boy. I'll walk you home." Spike said, swatting Xander affectionately on his bare ass. He forced himself to ignore the flash of heat that he saw flare in Xander's dark eyes as he grabbed his duster and slipped it on.

"Cocktease." Xander muttered, mock glaring at the blond. Spike gave him a sexy smirk and blew him a sultry kiss. Xander continued to mutter to himself about sexy blond vampires and heard Spike laugh softly. He loved hearing Spike laugh, it was a beautiful sound. He stuck his tongue out at the vamp and saw Spike waggle his eyebrows suggestively. "You are an evil, evil undead man. Come on, let's go before I change my mind and ravish you." Spike laughed again, delighting Xander.

"Insatiable little bugger, aren't you, baby?" Xander grinned at Spike and the vamp shook his head. "Kids." He teased as they walked out of the crypt. The night was warm with a slightly cool breeze and Xander cast a look up at the sky, it was full of stars. This night had started out horribly, but now it seemed almost too good to be true. And that alone scared Xander, whenever things looked great in his life, that was when they crashed and burned. "What's on your mind, luv?" Spike looked concerned and Xander guessed that his face gave him away.

"I guess I'm not used to being content, seems every time I start to feel happy, something bad happens. I want a normal relationship for once, you know?"

"Yeah...wouldn't that be nice? But don't go borrowing trouble, pet, one worrywart in this odd couple is enough, yeah?" He slung an arm around Xander's shoulders.

"Holy crap!" They whirled at the shocked feminine voice.

"D-Dawnie! Uh..."

"Um, bit late for you to be out, isn't it, Nibblet?"

"You...you...Are you two crazy? Buffy's gonna have the biggest, fattest cow over this! Xander, Anya's way beyond pissed and...God, again, are you crazy?" Dawn very nearly shrieked at them. They looked at each other and back at her, mouths working with no sound. Xander felt like his mom and dad had just caught him having sex...in their bed.

Chapter 9

"Dawnie..." Xander reached out a hand and placed it on Dawns shoulder and it went through the girls shoulder and down. Startled, Xander stared, wiggling his hand. He poked at her with his other hand.

"Do you mind?" Dawn asked pointedly, gesturing to where Xander's hand was. He jerked it back, blushing, realizing that had she been flesh and blood, he would have been tuning in Tokyo. "As much as I've enjoyed being virtually fondled, I think I need to explain. Willow was trying a locator spell on you, Xander, cause to tell you the truth, we have all been a little worried about you...and apparently we were justified. Anyway, something went kind of wonky, I'm not actually there, I am being projected...you know, like a hologram...so I am safe at home. Don't ask." She sighed, glaring at Spike as the vampire poked a curious finger through her arm. "Stop that! Look, I'm glad you're both okay, but Buffy..."

"Already knows, Nibblet...kind of burst in on us earlier. Broke down my bloody door, she did. And read us both the riot act...don't know why, she's been hounding me for space and when she gets it, she acts all bloody irritated...women..." Spike grumbled.

"Hey! Buffy cares about you! Okay, so she isn't sure how to handle it, but...he has a right to know, Willow...okay, okay...anyway, Willow says to be careful and get Xander home. She will explain this all later. Bye." Dawn sounded a bit miffed, but gave them both a small smile and a wave before she vanished into thin air.

"Well, that was..." Xander waved an arm, trying to think of a way to describe what had just happened. He looked at Spike who looked just as bewildered.

"I love her, but leave it to little Nibblet to blow the gaff. Buffy's going to be extremely brassed off." Spike needed a cigarette. He dug in the pockets of his duster.

"Blow the gaff?" Xander's forehead wrinkled.

"You know, spill the beans...let the cat out of the bag..." Spike explained, watching Xander as the boy nodded. "She's a sweet kid, but she likes to talk. I wonder how Reds gonna take it that her best pal, Xander, is bumping tummies with the former Big Bad." Spike grinned evilly. "Bet she will turn me into a toad or a rat." He fished in his pocket for his lighter and lit up. Xander watched him take a drag before answering.

"Red can mind her own business for once. Besides, I really think that Wills has more important things on her mind these days." Xander kicked a small rock as they made their way toward the gates.

"Yeah, how is Glinda anyway? Has she talked to Red yet? They're a right cute couple, I hope Glinda sees how bad off Red is without her." Spike took a long drag on his cigarette. Suddenly, Spike froze, throwing his arm out to stop Xander from taking another step. They turned to their left and a fledgling vampire launched himself at them growling. He threw a punch, knocking Spike off his feet. He then turned to Xander and licked his lips, smelling the human's fresh blood flowing through his veins.

"Time to die." The fledge grinned, his fangs flashing.

"My thoughts, exactly, mate." Spike lunged at the vamp, a broken tree branch in his hand. He moved gracefully, thrusting it into the fledges heart and watching as the fledge burst into a cloud of dust. "You okay, luv?" Xander nodded, not even really fazed.

"My hero." Xander pretended to swoon, laughing at Spike's exasperated look. Spike rolled his eyes. "I love watching you fight...so hot...you know, I always wondered if you fucked as good as you fought." He blushed and quickly looked away. He hadn't meant to let that little tidbit slip.

"And?" Spike moved closer to Xander, lowered his voice to a sexy purr, licking his lips seductively, his eyes fixed on the boy. "Do I fuck as good as I fight?" Xander shuddered visibly at the way Spike slightly emphasized the word fuck. The human gasped as Spike pinned him up against a nearby oak tree. He nuzzled the boy's throat, licking and sucking at the soft flesh where his mark was visible. Xander moaned, his hips thrusting against Spike's. As Spike's tongue grazed the puncture wounds, Xander cried out, as he felt himself lose control and cum violently in his pants.

"AHHH! SPIKE! SPIKE! You know you do, you evil bastard." Xander panted, kissing Spike hard. "Now, I really need that shower."

"Need help washing your...back?" Spike offered, grinning. Xander returned the grin, absolutely loving this whole feeling naughty thing. He had enjoyed his romps with Anya, but she gave commands like an army sergeant and that was just not sexy. Spike's teasing bordered on raunchy and the forbidden, but stopped just short of obscene, a line Anya either didn't see or refused to acknowledge.

"I need help with all my...hard to reach places." He murmured, trailing a finger from the neck of Spike's black tee shirt to where it met the waistband of his practically painted-on black jeans. He raised smoky chocolate-colored eyes to Spike and watched the vampire lick his lips hungrily. "The cemetery is not exactly somewhere I wanted to add to my growing list of places I've made love. Come on, Blondie." He grabbed Spike's hand and they began walking again.

They managed to make it back to Xander's apartment without dusting more than two vamps...surprising on the Hellmouth, but Xander didn't want to complain. He unlocked the door and walked through, dropping his keys on the coffee table. He turned and saw Spike leaning against the invisible barrier, giving Xander a sour look.

"Don't you have to come in to take a shower with me?" Xander grinned at him. The vampire yelped as he fell into the room, landing in a heap. Xander's grin faded and he rushed forward. "Spike! I'm sorry. I thought I actually had to say Come in or you're invited or something. Don't be mad." He implored, reaching down to help his lover up.

"I'm not mad." The vampires voice was far too sweet to be sincere and Xander dropped Spike's hand, backing away slowly. "You're going to make it up to me...aren't you, sweet thing?" Xander licked his lips, still backing away as Spike moved towards him, a predatory look in his blue eyes.

"Spike...what are you doing?" Xander asked, his voice husky. He squeaked as he backed himself up against a wall. Spike smirked, pinning the human to it with his body. "Spike, we need to take a shower...I'll make it up to you after we...mmmmmm...a-after we finish the shower..." He groaned as Spike licked at his claim mark. "Spike...please...stop...we have to..." Spike raised his head, revealing golden eyes. "Come take a shower with me?"

"Absobloodylutely. Think Id miss the chance to see you naked and wet and soapy? Lead on, luv." Spike gave Xander a suggestive smirk.

"You are such a pervert. God!" Xander feigned exasperation, sending Spike a flirtatious grin over his shoulder.

"And you love it, baby. Unless that was someone else moaning, Spike...Spike...do it now...Spike earlier at my crypt." He saw the flush crawl up Xander's neck and knew that his boy was turning a gorgeous shade of red. He could also smell the increase of pheromones in the air. Delicious...just like Xander.

"There's never a stake around when you need one."

"I've got your stake right here, luv." Spike leered at him, cupping his crotch crudely. He pinned Xander against the doorframe of the bathroom and kissed him.

"Undead sex fiend...shower now...touchy feely later." Xander kissed Spike gently and slipped under the vampire's arms.

"Oi! I wasn't finished yet!" Spike pouted, but he followed the boy inside the bathroom and they both began to strip.

Chapter 10

Xander let his brown coat and buttonless blue shirt fall off his shoulders before he reached down for the snap on his jeans. He wasn't aware that Spike had stopped pulling at his own clothes to stare appreciatively at the bricklayer's muscular body. Spike licked his lips...Xander had grown into a truly beautiful man. Xander happened to look up as Spike let his eyes travel down Xander's body leisurely.

"See anything you like?" The boy teased, hooking his thumbs in his belt loops, striking a very sexy pose. Spike blinked as he envisioned Xander dripping wet in the shower, droplets of water clinging to his chest and biceps, trickles of the clear fluid sliding down the boys delectable throat past the claim mark he'd put on Xander.

"Ex-excuse me?" Spike suddenly seemed to realize that Xander was speaking to him. If he could blush, he knew he'd be crimson right now. Xander gave him a knowing smirk and deliberately made a show of unzipping his jeans. Spike swallowed hard as he watched Xander dislodge the jeans from his waist with a slow, tantalizing roll of his hips. Xander peeled the jeans down his legs, finally ending Spike's torture by kicking them aside.

"Hot?" Xander asked, innocently, as he opened the shower door and leaned into the shower cubicle to turn on the water.

"Uh...oh! Oh, yeah, hot...hot water is good." Spike stammered. He shook his head. Bloody hell! The whelp is going to think I've gone daft if I keep this up! Focus, Spike, stop ogling the boy and get in the soddin shower. He struggled out of his own jeans and boots, having already thrown his black tee shirt to the floor. He stepped into the cubicle first and groaned in pleasure as the steaming water poured over his cool skin, the heat felt amazing. Xander followed, a similar sound of pleasure coming from the mortals throat.

"Mmmmmm....God, this feels terrific." Xander sighed. Spike snickered as an old television commercial popped into his head. Gee, your hair smells terrific! Someone had actually named a soddin shampoo that. Xander gave him a puzzled look.

"Sorry, luv, just reminded me of a shampoo commercial. Never mind." He suddenly felt extremely stupid.

"Gee, your vampire smells terrific." Xander fought a hysterical giggle...a manly giggle...at his own lame joke. Spike's lips twitched and they both burst out laughing at the absurdity of it. Xander was thrown by the carefreeness he was feeling. He'd laughed with Anya, too, but those laughs were forced and usually to lighten an embarrassing and potentially hurtful comment Anya had made. He couldn't remember laughing much with Cordelia and yet, here he was with Spike, of all people, and he felt like he was finally home. He really, really liked this side of Spike...the vampire was actually relaxed, not moody or sarcastic or even, defensive. Spike was showing him a whole new Spike...a Spike who could laugh, joke, drive him crazy with lust, and a Spike who was just really, really sweet. "I love you." Xander kissed Spike almost tenderly and he felt the blond melt against him. This was the sexiest experience, just being here in the shower with Spike, holding each other.

"Could I...do you want...can I wash your hair?" Spike asked, hoping Xander would like having his hair washed as much as Dru used to. He had loved to wash Drusilla's long, dark hair and wondered if Xander's sable hair would be as silky wet as it was dry and if Xander would purr with pleasure the way Dru had.

"You want to wash my hair?" Xander looked surprised, but then a smile lit up his face. "Yeah, Id like that." His voice sounded huskier. No one had ever volunteered to wash his hair before and he'd always enjoyed having his hair washed when he went to the barber...even if the guy was nearly 80 and called him, Sonny boy. Scary thought, actually. He closed his eyes as he stood beneath the spray, wetting his hair. He felt Spike turn him gently and began to massage his scalp tenderly. Shivers went through Xander with every touch of Spike's fingers against his head. "You've done this before."

"Yeah, well...Dru liked it and I love your hair...so soft and silky." Spike smiled as he heard Xander moan as his nails lightly scraped a sensitive area of Xander's scalp. "Rinse now, pet. And then, you can do me." As he watched Xander rinse his hair, he nearly kicked himself for his choice of words. Xander smiled, a predatory smile.

"I can do you? Now, there's a thought I like." The dark-haired man pulled Spike into a rapacious kiss, one that the vampire quickly took control of. Spike heard Xander moan and slid slick hands over the human's body, knowing just where to touch to drive Xander nuts. "My turn, remember?" Xander managed to protest, cupping Spike's firm, round ass.

"Mmmm...yeah...whatever you say, luv." Spike dropped his head back, moaning as Xander began to suck on his neck, licking the droplets of water away. He shuddered as Xander tentatively lapped at the bite marks on Spike's shoulder. Xander raised his head after a moment, a confused look on his face.

"I thought vampires had some kind of special speedy healing." He traced Spike's wounds with an index finger.

"You claimed me, pet, just as I claimed you. Claim marks don't heal completely. They fade, but remain...kind of like a scar. They will be very sensitive and are extremely pleasurable to the touch." Spike leaned forward and touched his tongue to Xander's claim mark, making the boy moan as his cock stiffened. "See? If I wanted to, I could make you cum from this...ten years from now, I could make you cum from it."

"Oh...fuck me..." Xander moaned again as Spike teased the two puncture wounds once more. He groaned as Spike gripped the base of his cock.

"Wouldn't want you to say I'm being unfair...it is your turn, yeah?" Spike purred, lapping once again at Xander's mark.

"Right." Xander squeaked.

Chapter 11

"The water is getting cold, luv. You going to stand there all night? Lets dry off and then you can do whatever you want." Spike offered, with a suggestive grin. He saw Xander close his eyes, take a deep breath and nod.

Xander opened the shower door, allowing Spike to step out. The blond vamp grabbed a big, beige, fluffy towel and handed it to Xander before grabbing himself a similar one and drying himself off. Xander nearly swallowed his tongue as he watched his lover rub the soft fabric all over his amazing body. Holy crap! He knew he was stealing expressions from Dawn, but damn, he had never been jealous of a towel until now. He rubbed his own towel over his body, almost copying Spike's every move. The vampire looked up and both men bit back moans as the electricity in the room became nearly tangible. The sexual tension was thicker than the steam leftover from their shower. Spike reached out and snagged Xander's towel, throwing both wet towels in the hamper next to the shower cubicle. Xander ducked his head and practically bolted out the bathroom door. Spike stared after him, startled. He hurried after the boy.

"Its a bit late to be running now, don't you think, Xan?"

"This is crazy! I've never been this horny before! Do you still think we were jinxed? I can't believe I'm complaining about having really hot sex." He muttered, running a hand over his face. "I guess I don't want this to only be about sex...you know? I mean, I love you and you love me, right? So, sex cant be all to our relationship, right? Am I being stupid? I'm being stupid." He answered his own question.

"You are not stupid, it's a legit question, yeah? You want to know if what we think is love is only lust. Its not...baby, its like I've been saying...we are just alike. I wouldn't have claimed you if it was just for the hot sex. Angelus would have, but not me. I'm a romantic kind of guy." He grinned rakishly at the boy and was pleased to see Xander's lips curve into an amused smile. He leaned toward the boy, raised his head and kissed Xander lightly, reassuring him. "If you want to take it slow, I'll slow it down, okay, luv?"

"Spike...aren't we kind of married now? We haven't exactly taken anything slow." Xander fingered the marks Spike had left on his body, groaning softly as a jolt of pleasure went straight to his groin. He jerked his fingers away. "I'm sorry I'm being all weird about this. I don't know why I'm freaking."

"You're freaking because I make you horny, but it's more than that, isn't it? You've never been sexually attracted to men before, have you? This whole bloody thing is new to you. No wonder you're scared. You know I would never hurt you. I feel the same pull as you do, Xander. I look at you and I burn...I didn't even burn for Dru and she was my Sire. Angelus wanted me to burn for him, but I couldn't. I feel like this thing with you is so right. I claimed you, Xan...I claimed you. I love you. Maybe you need some time to think about everything. I can go back to the crypt and let you sort things out." Spike turned to go get his clothes, but Xander grabbed him by the arm.

"I don't want you to go. Stay here...you going to leave me alone on our wedding night?" He managed a wobbly smile. He saw the hesitation in Spike's eyes and he dropped his eyes to the floor, feeling as if he had just been rejected.

"If you want me to stay, I'll stay. Its up to you, Xander."

"Stay. Can we just say this was wedding jitters? Please?" Xander gave Spike his best puppy dog eyes. The vamp caved within two seconds.

"Bloody hell...those eyes..." Spike groaned, "You don't play fair, pet. I'm never going to win an argument, am I? Not that we were arguing..."

"Come here, Blondie." Xander pulled his lover into his arms, hugging Spike before planting a gentle kiss on the vampire. The gentle kiss didn't last for long as they wrapped their arms around each other and Spike deepened the kiss, moaning. Xander made a strangled sound in his throat as Spike slid his hands down to caress the boy's firm ass, causing their erections to rub together. Xander walked Spike backwards until they reached his bed. Spike gasped, as the back of his knees bumped the mattress, jerking his mouth from Xander's. He stared into the boy's dark eyes, shuddering at the heat he saw there. Xander kissed Spike again, this time the kiss wasn't gentle, it was a hungry, devouring kiss that burned Spike from the inside out. "I love you...I want you...Spike..." Xander panted, as he slowly ended the kiss. Spike looked up at him, dazed. The vampire nodded, licking his lips.

"I'm all yours, luv." Spike reached up and lovingly stroked Xander's face. Spike whimpered as Xander grabbed his hand, pressing a kiss against the cool palm. He whimpered again as Xander did it again, pleasure shot right through him causing his stomach to clench and his cock to jerk.

"Let me love you, Spike...I want to lay you down and slide deep inside you...I want to hear those sexy little sounds you make when I'm thrusting into you..." Xander murmured, watching as Spike's eyes fluttered closed, feeling himself harden as the blond moaned.

"Xander, baby...oh, bloody hell..."

"Say yes...tell me that's what you want...please, Spike..." Xander dropped a kiss on Spike's shoulder, brushing his tongue against the bite marks there.

"I thought...you didn't want this to be all about sex?"

"Not sex...I want to make love...I want to make love with you." Xander nuzzled Spike's neck, kissing the soft, pale skin. Spike gasped as he was pushed down on Xander's mattress, moaning softly as the boy followed him down, their bodies rubbing erotically together. He felt another jolt of pleasure as he heard Xander's echoing moan. Xander moved down Spike's body, licking and sucking at the cool flesh. Spike groaned, biting his lip, as Xander teased a nipple with his warm, wet tongue. "Mmmm...you taste so good...smell so good...feel so right beneath me...yeah...moan for me, baby...again..." Spike began to pant as Xander's words sent his senses reeling. He arched his back, moaning just as Xander asked, rolling his hips.

"Xander...Xander...luv, please..." Spike pleaded, as the man moved down his body even further. Xander ignored the blond, running his tongue over Spike's sexy abs before circling his bellybutton. Spike rolled his hips again as if to assuage the sweet pain in the pit of his stomach that Xander was causing with his devastating seduction.

Chapter 12

Xander dipped his tongue into Spike's bellybutton, looking up through his lashes at the blond. Spike had his head thrown back, his lower lip between his teeth, and his hands were clenched tightly in Xander's bedsheets. Xander began to suck on the flesh just below Spike's bellybutton, just north of Spike's happy trail...the sexy strip of unbleached dark hair that led to Spike's incredibly sexy, throbbing cock. Spike arched off the bed, swearing. Spike cried out as Xander gave the head of his cock a tentative lick.

"Oh God! Don't stop...please, don't stop...ohhhhh..." Spike forced himself not to thrust up into Xander's warm mouth. Xander swirled his tongue around the tip, moaning softly as he tasted Spike's pre-cum. He closed his mouth around the tip, slowly bringing his head up as he let it slide from his lips. He heard Spike groan in protest and took the pale cock a little deeper than before, repeating the process until he could feel Spike's wiry pubic hair tickling his nose. He was proud of himself for not gagging and knew that Spike was pleased by the throaty moans and whimpers escaping the blond. He teased the large vein on the underside of Spike's cock, knowing that he had always enjoyed it when Anya did it to him. Spike nearly came right there and Xander felt one of the vampire's hands come down to fist tightly in his hair. Xander smiled around Spike's cock, apparently, he'd found an erogenous zone. He started to hum around Spike's impressive length and heard Spike scream his name as the blond's orgasm hit him violently. Xander swallowed around Spike's pulsing cock, the cool cum sliding down his throat.

"XANDER! OHHH! OH GOD! BLOODY HELL! OHHHH! OH!" Spike was digging his toes into the mattress, his back was arched, and he was panting.

"That was so hot." Xander purred, licking at the tip to make sure that there was no left over cum there. Spike moaned, still shuddering from the pleasurable aftershocks. His body fell bonelessly back to the mattress, his eyes closed. He gave one last shuddery sigh, releasing his almost painful hold on Xander's short, dark hair. "You okay?" Xander brushed his hand over Spike's features lovingly. The vampire's only reply was a satisfied smirk. "I'm not finished yet...think you can handle it?" Spike rolled to his side, facing Xander.

"Bring it on, little one. I'm game if you are." Spike said, softly.

"Little one! Who are you calling little one, Shorty?" Xander mock growled.

"Oi! Not short, I'm compact." Spike grinned wickedly, "and well muscled...mysterious, too, I hear." Xander stared at him, reddening to the tips of his ears.

"Buffy told you?" He asked, mortified.

"Anya, actually. She said that you were right, I was compact, yet well muscled." Spike's grin faded as he realized what he'd said. "Fuck! I'm sorry, Xan. I didn't mean..." He sighed, "Feel free to plant one on me. I deserve it."

Xander captured Spike's mouth in a rough, almost punishing kiss that the vampire responded to greedily. They both moaned into the kiss, hands groping.

"Plant one on me means hit me, luv. I take it you aren't pissed?"

"Why should I be? After all, you claimed me, right? Not Anya. I love you, you know that. I also get why you and Anya did what you did. It was a comfort thing, not a love thing. I hurt Anya in the most humiliating way possible, I don't have the right to blame her for what happened...you, either. As my grandmother used to say, People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. I had no right to judge when it was my fault that she was hurting. I should have been a man and told her to her face that it wasn't going to work out instead of running like the insecure, little boy she accused me of being."

"You were scared, no shame in that, luv. Marriage is a huge step and something was telling you that she wasn't the right one for you. You could have gone and ahead and married the bint and then realized it was a mistake. We all make mistakes, luv. It takes a real man to admit it. It also takes a real man to forgive and you've done that, it seems." Xander gave him a smile and Spike stroked the silky hair at the nape of Xander's neck.

"Enough talking, more sex." Xander kissed Spike again and the vampire responded eagerly, deepening the kiss. The blond pulled away briefly.

"No sex...more love making." He reminded the boy, leaning forward once again to nibble on Xander's lower lip with blunt teeth. Xander made a rumbling sound of agreement and let himself be kissed. He ran his hands over Spike's pale body, making soft appreciative sounds as he stroked the vampires smooth, round ass and curled his hand around the blonds throbbing cock. Spike moaned and arched into his lovers touch. Xander slid down Spike's body, once again nibbling and sucking the cool flesh, loving Spike's sexy, throaty growls and groans. "Ohhhh...ohhhh...Xander..." The vampire whimpered as Xander began to gently suck at the skin of his sensitive inner thighs. He lifted his hips off the bed.

"Wait...wait, baby...we need lube...I don't want to take you dry..." The word again hung in the air...saliva was not great as lube...it was...kind of disgusting, actually. "There's a box of...stuff...under the bed..." He heard Spike's moan of protest as he moved away. "Shhhh...just one second, honey, I promise..." He moved quickly, easily finding the metal box that housed Anya's...toys. He hurriedly opened it and extracted a jumbo size tube of lubricant. Flipping the top of it, he squeezed a quarter-sized amount into his palm and began to smear it in and around Spike's hole. He bit his lip as he rubbed what was left onto his erection. He eased himself onto Spike's stomach, gasping as his body slid deliciously against Spike's. Spike moaned as Xander rubbed the head of his cock against the blond's sensitive entrance. Xander nearly bit through his lip as he easily slid into Spike about an inch. "Ohhhh God...you feel so good..." Spike wiggled impatiently, writhing beneath the human, wanting Xander in him now. Xander took the hint and thrust forward, they both moaned loudly as he slid home. Fully embedded in Spike's cool channel, Xander leaned down and suckled the wounds he'd given the vamp when they'd claimed each other. Spike cried out, his face morphing from human to demon to human. Xander thrust long and hard, picking up speed as Spike bucked up into him. They moaned and sighed and growled and panted as they moved together as one.

"XANDER! XANDER! OHHHH LUV! XANDER!" Spike came first, his muscles tightening, pleasure rushing through him as he screamed his boy's name. Xander moaned into Spike's ear, panting. The sound of his name on Spike's lips pushed him over the edge.

"SPIKE! OHHH GOD! SPIKE! SPIKE! OHHHHH!" Xander felt his body jerk and felt himself emptying into Spike's body. He collapsed on top of the vampire, his heart pounding. He felt Spike gently stroking his hair and heard the soothing words the blond murmured. Spike was purring again and Xander smiled, wondering if Spike knew how adorable it was that a big, tough, evil vampire was purring like a sated kitty cat. He also wondered if Spike knew that this hidden sweet side of his was making Xander fall in love with him even more.

Chapter 13

Xander rolled to the side, pulling Spike with him, so that now the vampire was comfortably sprawled across Xander's chest. He knew Spike didn't have to breathe, but didn't want to smush him into the mattress either. Spike curled sensuously around his boy, still purring, rubbing his cheek against Xander's chest. They closed their eyes and Spike purred them to sleep.

At exactly 8 a.m., the phone rang and both men shot up in surprise. Xander yelped as Spike's head caught him on the chin, making him bite his lip. Spike winced in sympathy. Xander slid out of bed and hurried to answer the phone.

"Sorry, luv." He whispered as Xander nodded, grabbing the phone receiver out of the cradle. He licked his lip before saying anything and tasted blood.

"Hello?" This better be good, damn it! Ow, fuck, my lip hurts.

"Xander, its Anya. I've decided to leave Sunnydale for good and I thought you should know. I hope you have fun with Spike and your newfound gayness. Willow explained everything and I just wish you could have trusted me enough to tell me, but I guess you did what humans do. So, goodbye, Xander and don't get killed." The dial tone buzzed in his ear and he pulled the receiver away, staring at it.

"Okay." He muttered, shaking his head, as he dropped the receiver back in the cradle and turned slowly to look at Spike. "Anya is leaving Sunnydale...for good. She hopes I have fun with my newfound gayness and she said not to get killed."

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing, pet? I mean, should we keep a close eye on our knackers or something? Is she going to unleash unspeakable vengeance on us for what happened? I mean, I know I would wish for something horrible if I were her...though she did stop me from doing so last night..."

"She did what? You were going to wish something on me?"

"Yeah, was going to wish that you got what you had coming to you, but when I started to wish, she stopped me." Spike admitted, looking sheepish.

"What is it that you think I have coming to me?" Xander asked, his voice had dropped into a seductive purr and he crawled across the bed towards Spike with a predatory gleam in his eyes. Spike grinned, playing along.

"Ohhhh...you've been a naughty little boy, Xander. You should be punished. Come here and assume the position." Spike's eyes darkened a shade as the boy obeyed, stopping in front of him on his hands and knees, head bent submissively. "You're so bloody gorgeous like this, baby." Spike groaned, he ran a hand down Xander's back to the round, firm, little ass that he'd staked a claim on. He heard Xander gasp as he brought his hand down hard, the sound of flesh striking flesh was erotic and addictive as well. Spike did it again and saw Xander bite his lip to keep from crying out. "Don't...don't do that...I want to hear you..." He smacked Xander hard and then soothed the red cheeks by rubbing them gently.

"Ohhhh God! I've been a bad boy...spank me harder! Ohhh yeah! Again!" Xander moaned, delighting Spike as the vamp discovered a hidden fetish. Spike alternated sound spankings with soothing caresses, driving Xander crazy with lust. "Spike, please!"

"Tell Spike what you want, baby. Come on, luv, tell me all about it." Spike crooned, loving the soft cries and loud moans that Xander was giving with each hard spank.

"Punish me! I need to be disciplined! Harder, Spike! Give it to me! Ohhh God! Yeah, just like that! Ohhh, Spike...I'm gonna cum...OH! OH GOD! SPIKE! SPIKE! OHHHH!" Xander shuddered as he came all over his sheets. He raised shocked eyes to Spike, who leaned in and kissed him.

"Found something out about yourself, did you, pet?" Spike asked, softly, stroking Xander's hair. "You are so hot, luv...such a treat, you are."

"I've never...I didn't...didn't know..." Xander muttered, burying his face in Spike's shoulder. He blushed as he thought about the things he had said to Spike. "Oh God." He groaned, as Spike laughed softly, but not cruelly.

"Don't be embarrassed, Xander...its just me. No worries with me, luv. Feel what watching you and hearing you like that did to me..." Spike's voice lowered an octave as he drew one of Xander's hands to his crotch and rubbed shamelessly against it, giving Xander proof of his arousal. Xander groaned, kissing Spike hard in response, still stroking his lover's hard-on. Spike made happy, rumbly sounds in his throat and chest. Without warning, Xander brought his hand up and slapped Spike's ass, making the pale skin turn red. Spike grabbed his wrists, made a tsking sound and pinned Xander effortlessly to the mattress. "Spanking is your fetish, luv, mine is a bit messier." Spike rubbed himself against Xander as he nuzzled the humans claim marks. Xander let his head fall to the side, giving Spike better access. Spike purred, lapping at the healing wounds, and with a possessive growl, he sank his teeth into Xander's flesh again...in the same exact spot he had when he had claimed the boy. He drank deeply and then pulled back, licking the wounds to close them. Xander cried out, arching beneath Spike and instinctively did the same thing to his mate. Spike roared as he came violently, pleasure exploding throughout his entire body. "XANDER! OH FUCK! XANDER!"

"SPIKE! Spike...ohhh God..." Xander sighed, as they both collapsed, exhausted to the mattress.

"Sleep, pet." Spike murmured, snuggling close to his lover. Xander stroked Spike's hip and nodded. Spike's purrs once again lulled them both to sleep.

Four and a half hours later, Xander's alarm clock went off and Spike fell out of bed. Xander didn't dare laugh as he caught sight of the pouting blond vampire sprawled on his floor. Aw, poor baby. Xander found Spike's pout irresistible, it was so cute, and it belonged on a four year old child, not a Master vampire.

"Stupid soddin alarm clock. Was having a good dream too." Spike muttered, darkly. He cast a longing look at the bed. Xander reached out a hand and helped pull the blond back into the bed.

"We have a few minutes to cuddle before I have to go before the firing squad." He softened the lame joke with a sweet smile.

"Don't say that, pet. They'll love you anyway, but I'm going to be the Big Bad Pervert who seduced Poor, Vulnerable, Little Xander. Buffy's probably turned them all against me. Well, Buffy or Anya. Rupert's going to have a coronary when he finds out I've claimed you...you know that, don't you? When he gets that phone call in London from either Nibblet or Red...going to bloody break his glasses polishing them so hard...if the news doesn't kill him first!" Spike was working himself into a tizzy as the reality finally began to hit him.

"Screw them if they don't understand." Xander's harsh statement shocked Spike as the vampire realized that donut boy had grown some balls somewhere between walking out on Anya and getting claimed. "You and I are mated and there's no changing that, right? So, if they cant deal with it, screw them. I love you and as much as I love them, they'll just have to get over it. You are mine."

Chapter 14

"You know, you're sexy when you get all possessive." Spike gave Xander a cheeky grin. Xander laughed at the unexpected comment. He was relieved that Spike had relaxed about the gang's reaction. Spike sighed a moment later. "Lets get this over with, yeah? No need to drag it out. With any luck, we can tell them and get home in one piece."

"That's optimistic." Xander said, sarcastically, but inside he was praying for the same thing. "I'm feeling the love now."

"Don't get cheeky with me, you know what I mean." Spike saw Xander's eyes dart to his ass at the word cheeky and he gave the boy a mock glare as Xander looked up at him. "Not as innocent as you appear, are you, luv?" Xander gave him a grin and shrugged, looking like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar. "Red and the rest don't see this side of you, do they?" He asked, softly. Xander looked down at his nakedness and back up at Spike. He watched the vampire pull on his clothes, almost disappointed that he couldn't see much of the pale, smooth skin that he loved, anymore.

"Buffy and Willow came awfully close a couple times..." He grinned again at Spike's surprised look. "What? Think Id spend all my time with girls and not try something? I was a horny teenager...but I'm sure you knew that." At Spike's exasperated look, he sighed and answered truthfully. "No. Id probably give them the wiggins if I acted like a total perv. Buffy would probably kick my ass if she knew some of the things I used to think about her. I think you would be shocked, too." He pulled on his underwear and jeans, grabbing a clean shirt and put it on. Spike noticed that it wasn't an ugly multi-colored shirt for once. It seemed that Xander actually had some nice shirts, if this deep gray one was anything to go by. It fit the boy nicely.

"You thought perverted thoughts about me?" Spike seemed pleased, if not a bit intrigued. Xander blushed as he recalled some of the thoughts he'd had of the sexy blond. He wasn't ready to tell Spike his kinky fantasies and quickly changed the subject.

"Like you said, no need to drag this out. Lets go." He finished tying his shoes and all but bolted out of the room. Spike pouted, but grabbed a blanket and followed Xander out. As much as he wanted to know in detail the fantasies that Xander had entertained about him, he knew that now was not the time to pursue that. He would be lying if he said his stomach wasn't in knots about their upcoming big reveal. He was sure that Mount Buffy was going to blow and in a big way. No way was the Slayer going to take this lightly. She was pissed enough that he had screwed the boy, how would she react to know that Xander was his for all eternity? A Slayerette and a vampire mated. He would be lucky if all Red did was turn him into a toad. The pretty witch would probably make the chip in his head look like a picnic. The more Spike thought about it, the more he was sure that this was a really bad idea to tell the Scoobies, but he also knew that Xander needed to do this and Spike didn't want the boy to think that he was ashamed that he claimed him. Just knowing that Xander was in this with him made him relax even more. He heard Xander take in a deep, shaky breath as the magic shop came into view. Spike stopped in his tracks, biting his lip. He looked at the store and back at Xander, a wave of guilt hitting him as he remembered what had happened here last night. He peeked out from his protective blanket.

"You absolutely sure that you want to do this here?" He asked, softly, raising troubled blue eyes to Xander's. "It cant be your favorite place right now...I mean, I..."

"We cant change the past and I wont avoid the store because of what happened. If you hadn't had sex with Anya, I wouldn't have come to your crypt and last night would never have happened. Except for the very beginning before we talked, I cant say I regret last night. I love you. They already know that we...for lack of a better way of saying this...kissed and made up. Buffy knows were doing the horizontal...Dawn probably knows and I have no doubt that Willow knows it, too. You're in one piece...thank God...so, there's nothing to worry about...right?"

"We haven't told them yet, luv...I could be in a Dust Buster in the next few minutes." Xander gave him a pained look. "Right...no negative thoughts." He took a deep, unnecessary breath and counted to ten. "Okay, brilliant, lets do this."

"Right." Xander took a deep breath as well, and nodding, they both walked into the store.

Willow looked up as the chimes above the door alerted her that she had customers. Her smile of greeting faded as she recognized the pair. She bit her lip and came around the counter. Spike eyed her warily as he draped his blanket over a chair. Red went straight to Xander and pressed a silver cross pendant against his cheek. Xander rolled his eyes and made to say something sarcastic when the witch gently traced the claim mark, which was halfway visible beneath Xander's collar. Xander didn't do what Spike had expected him to do, which was blush and stammer about it. The boy looked his friend straight in the eye, daring her to say something negative about it or about his mate. Red looked worried and Spike could smell the fear coming off of her. Xander gave her a reassuring smile.

"I'm fine, Will. I'm not the brightest crayon in the box, but I'm not stupid. I know everyone thinks I'm crazy, but I love him."

"Oh, Xander." Willow sighed, not wanting her friend to get hurt. She turned to look at Spike, who was watching the exchange with interest and a healthy dose of fear. "What about you, mister? Are you playing games? Because if you are, you're going to be one sorry vampire. I'll personally rip every strand of hair from your bleached head and..."

"That's my Willow, always with the death threats and torture. Thank you for your concern." Xander kissed her cheek. "But I'm perfectly fine."

"No games, Red. I love him, too. You've always said that we fight like a married couple and I guess you could say we took your comments to heart, so to speak." He pulled back the collar of his shirt to show Willow the place where Xander had claimed him. He watched her eyes widen as she realized that Xander had bitten him, too.

"Oh, Xander, what have you done?" Both men whirled around to see Giles standing in the doorway. Spike's lip curled up as he caught sight of the shiny blonde head right behind Giles. He shot a quick look at Xander and saw the boy's look of betrayal as Xander realized what had happened. Buffy had called Giles in from England to talk some sense into Xander.

"Ran to Daddy, did ya, princess? Tattled on Xander. Jealousy does not become you, Slayer. Did you tell him everything? Did she, Rupert? Did she paint herself the innocent victim? Big Bad Spike seduced three of your sweet little ones. Is that how she told the story?" Spike saw Giles eyes turn icy and saw a glimpse of Ripper there.

"All I needed to know was that Xander was in danger and you were the cause. I should have known we could never have trusted you, Spike. I should have let Buffy stake you a long time ago. If I had, then Xander wouldn't be your new plaything, bad enough that you ruined his marriage to Anya, but this...this is low even for you."

"Is that what she told you? That I broke up Xander and Anyanka? She's lying! It was Xander's decision to walk away! Not that the lot of you ever took more than a passing interest in the boy! He was your go-fer, your errand boy. None of you can see how special he is! Xander Harris is a bloody sight better than all of you put together!" Spike's face rippled, showing his demon. "He isn't the dozy donut boy you make him out to be! He's an intelligent, loving, loyal, decent man who deserves to be treated as though he has a brain in his head!" Spike growled low and deep in his throat, angry that his lover's so-called friends couldn't see how terrific that the boy really was. His golden eyes glittered dangerously, even though he couldn't hurt anyone.

"Shhhh...relax, baby...let me talk to him..." Xander ran a calming hand over Spike's ridges. Everyone else's mouths dropped as Spike began to purr softly as Xander lovingly caressed the vampire. Spike shook his head, his features melting back into his human face. Ignoring the rest of the people in the store, Spike leaned in and kissed his lover tenderly. Xander melted against Spike returning the kiss until someone cleared their throat. Spike glared at Giles. "Spike had nothing to do with my decision not to marry Anya. I freaked out and I knew that it was much more than cold feet. I was scared and instead of telling her, I walked out. I was a jerk, but Spike didn't do anything to wreck my marriage. I did that all on my own. It was also my decision to ask Spike to claim me. I love him and you may not understand why or how I could love him, but none of you condemned Buffy for loving Angel and his demon killed Ms. Calendar...the woman you claimed to love." Xander saw Giles eyes narrow and his lips thin as the ex-Watchers face flushed an angry red. "I'm sorry if that was over the line, but I think I deserve the same courtesy that you all gave to Buffy when she was with Angel. I don't care if you don't like me being with Spike, its not your decision. I was wrong to try and tell Buffy not to be with Angel. Id never really been in love at that time and I didn't know how a vampire could love someone, but I know now because I've seen it. Spike loves me. I can see the looks you're giving me right now and I'm going to say this once and once only, I'm not stupid. I know what I'm doing and you are just going to have to deal with my decision to be with and love Spike. If you cant, then you were never really my friends to begin with. I've said my piece and now its up to you." Xander finished softly, looking at each of his friends in turn. He noticed that Dawn had entered the room and she gave him a smile. He returned it and then, turned to Buffy, who looked both guilty and ashamed. Giles sighed, polishing his glasses.

"Well, then, it looks as if Xander has things under control and the rest of us should mind our own business, yes?" The ex-Watcher looked pointedly at the rest of the Scoobies and the Slayer. "Good. In honor of Xander's...er...nuptials...we should...um...celebrate." Dawn squealed happily and ran to the couple, throwing her arms around Spike and then Xander.

"My two favorite guys...together...congratulations." She gushed.

"Ta, Nibblet." Spike kissed the teen on the cheek.

"Thanks, Dawnie." Xander gave her a bear hug and a kiss on the forehead. Dawn blushed and giggled.

The doors chimed, signaling a customer. Tara froze as everyone stared at her. She gave a shaky smile and locked eyes with Willow.

"I thought Willow and I could talk, but I guess I can come back later."

"NO!" Everyone else shouted, startling the blonde witch.

"Use the training room. It's nice and quiet in there." Buffy offered, taking Tara's arm, guiding her towards Willow. Willow blushed and looked nervous. After the witches closed the door behind them, the five others stood there and stared at each other for a long moment. "Um...we were going to celebrate?" Buffy asked softly, breaking the silence. Dawn nodded.

"Maybe later, Slay...Buffy." Spike said, his voice firm, but friendly.

"Thanks, guys, but it's already been a long morning and Spike and I should get home. Giles, don't be a stranger. I hope you aren't going back right away."

"I'll be here for two more days, but I have to get back to London soon. I hope you made the right choice, my boy. You're like my son and I just want you to be happy."

"Thanks G-man." Xander smiled.

"For the love of God, stop calling me that." Giles sighed, his eyes twinkling, even though his words were tinged with exasperation.

Chapter 15

Xander grinned unrepentantly and gave the older man an affectionate hug. Giles held the boy close, heard a soft warning growl and looked up into the golden eyes of an annoyed Spike. He cleared his throat and moved back, patting Xander on the shoulder, knowing he was making the vamp jealous. Spike was surprised when Giles offered him a hand to shake, but took it and shook it, knowing that the man was giving him his blessing.

"Have you told Angel yet?" Rupert asked him, softly. When Spike shook his head negatively, Giles made a face that told Spike that the ex-Watcher didn't want to be around when they broke the news to the vamp's Sire. "Well, best of the British...and all of that." He gave a wan smile and turned away to talk to Buffy. Spike looked over at Xander, who shrugged and gave him a shaky smile. Spike sighed inwardly. Rupert was right, this was going to be a difficult visit with Angel. The man was already broody and didn't like the boy, so having one of his Childer mated to the kid for all of eternity was bound to piss the pouf off. Not that he really gave a shit about Angel's opinion one way or another personally, but even a rebellious bastard like himself knew that tradition must be followed concerning a claim. After all, Angel was his Sire...grandsire...and therefore it was his approval which mattered above anyone else's. If Angel disapproved, Spike didn't know what he would do. He loved the boy and couldn't bear unlife without him.

As soon as the others began to file out of Giles' house, Spike grabbed Xander by the shoulders. "If Angel says he doesn't approve, we get the hell out of there and we find another big city and we move there. I can't lose you, not now. If he doesn't know where I am, he can't break us apart." Xander was shocked at the desperate pleading tone in Spike's voice. He shushed the vamp, murmuring sweet loving things to him as he pulled him close, stroking his back, and rocking him gently.

"You're not going to lose me. I love you. I don't care what Deadboy says, we belong together. You know it and I know it. It will be okay, Spike. I'll be with you and we will get through this, together. I'm not going anywhere without you. I will never leave you, Spike. I love you, I love you." He pressed kisses against Spike's mouth, his cheek, his jaw.

"I love you, too, baby." Spike whispered. Xander's comforting words made the vamp start purring softly. Xander smiled against Spike's shoulder. He loved it when his vampire purred. "Come on, luv, let's go home. We have to get ready to go see Peaches." Spike nuzzled Xander's ear, making the other man shudder.

"Baby, if you want to leave, doing that thing to my ear is the wrong way to go about it." Xander murmured, moaning softly as Spike nipped his earlobe.

"Buzzkill." Spike muttered, stealing a quick kiss. "All right...let's go shock the shorts off Peaches." He gave Xander a brilliant smile, which the boy returned at the thought of stunning the normally cool vampire with the eternal perfect hair. Picking up Spike's blanket, they left, each laughing at the image of Angel's face when they told him.

Deciding to take Spike's Desoto because it had extremely dark tinted windows, the pair each packed a small bag of necessities and four days of clothing. Xander put the bags in the car and then helped a blanket-covered Spike into the car. Spike insisted on driving and Xander finally conceded. Soon, they were on their way to Los Angeles and one blissfully unaware Angel.

"Spike, please can we listen to something other than the Sex Pistols?" Xander begged, half an hour into the drive. The vampire sighed and handed Xander a box full of cassette tapes. "Frank Sinatra?" Xander asked, surprised. He looked over at Spike and then shrugged, "I guess it makes sense...Ol' Blue Eyes." Spike gave his lover a slight smirk at that.

"The Sex Pistols did a cover of 'My Way'." The vamp explained, watching the boy as he nodded. "Forget those...put the radio on."

They listened to the radio the rest of the way to Los Angeles, arguing only twice over songs. Xander won both times, using his puppy eyes on his mate. Spike had pouted for a full ten minutes. Xander simply blew him a kiss, making Spike's lips twitch as he struggled to keep from smiling.

Neither of them spoke as they crossed the Los Angeles city limits. Nervous tension filled the DeSoto as they each wondered how this 'meeting' with Angel would go. Spike wanted to reassure his mate that everything would be fine, but he knew Angel all too well. Xander worried that somehow Spike would get hurt, either physically or emotionally when they told Angel. Angel had quite a temper on him with or without Angelus present and Xander had seen the way that the dark vampire had treated his Childe when Angel had been in Sunnydale.

Spike noticed that Xander took a deep breath when the Hyperion Hotel came into view. It looked like a dreary castle that Spike had seen on an old Dracula movie. Those tossers hadn't been accurate on anything about the infamous vamp. Dracula wasn't the pouf the movies made him out to be. Anyroad, Peaches didn't seem to get the idea of indiscretion at all. The place couldn't scream 'A vampire lives here' any louder. Spike rolled his eyes.

"Not one for irony, is he, luv? Trust the pouf to take up residence in a haunted hotel. A vampire living in a ghost infested hovel. You can smell the death all over that place." He turned and saw the blood leaching from Xander's face. "Well, you can't...anyroad, the hotel is old and no one has died there in a long time...I don't think the cheerleader would be too keen on working in a place where people are dying right and left...and I'm shutting up now." He was acting like his mate now, babbling on about Cordelia and death.

"The cheerleader? Oh, you mean, Cordy...no, she's not good with the death...it's not of the good...she's into being alive."

"Kind of high-maintenance, if I recall, quite a looker, though."

"Yeah...we...uh....had a thing in high school...which you ruined by the way when you kidnapped me and Willow to do that love spell of yours. Cordy and Oz caught us kissing and Cordy freaked. She ran out and fell through some boards and ended up in the hospital with a long piece of iron stuck through her side." Xander glared at his mate, who was fighting the urge to burst out laughing. "It's not funny, Spike! She was impaled on a rusty iron bar. She was hurt both physically and emotionally and I was all kinds of pissed at you after that." He sounded pissed now and Spike felt bad.

"I'm sorry, luv. I only wanted Dru back, no one was supposed to get hurt...not like that."

"Spike, you choked me and then you hit me over the head with a microscope!" Xander protested. The blond vampire flinched, he'd forgotten that. "Oh! And you also punched me!"

"Guess I'm sleeping on the couch tonight. Why don't you curse me with a soul? Then we can have a real good time of it! I'd be barmy and in constant pain from all the wrongdoing in my life, you can bloody have a party!" Spike knew he was doing what Rupert would call 'projecting his anger' which stemmed from his guilt at hurting Xander the way he had.

"Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you? So you can bitch and moan about what a lousy husband I am! Tell everyone how I ruined our honeymoon! Stop the car and let me out!"

"No way in bloody hell!" But he had to because they had finally arrived at the Hyperion. They sat in the car glaring at each other, neither noticing that they had company.

Chapter 16

Charles Gunn grimaced as he took in the sight of the old DeSoto. He only knew of one person that Angel knew who owned a car like that....Spike. He squinted, barely making out two figures in the car and it looked like they were arguing. He couldn't recall Angel telling them that the prodigal son was returning, so why was the blond vampire here? And who was the other person? As he turned to go inside, one of the doors burst open and a handsome, dark- haired kid got out and he looked pissed off.

"Fine! I brought it up, but sorry isn't going to cut it, Spike! We'll talk about it later." The last part was added as Xander caught sight of Gunn. Spike's door opened and a blanket-clad Spike got out. Gunn couldn't tell which of the two was more pissed off.

"We'll talk about it now, Xander! What the hell..." He broke off as he noticed Gunn watching them. "What are you looking at? Never saw two people have row before? Why don't you run along and tell Peaches I'm here like a good little minion?" The blond sneered at the man. Gunn stiffened at the insult and curled his upper lip.

"Shut up, Spike!" Xander hissed at his mate. "I'm sorry, he just needs some...thing to drink and a good smack to the head!" He glared at his golden- eyed lover before turning back to the other man. "I'm Xander Harris...I take it, you know him." He gestured to the seething blond. Gunn warily reached out and took Xander's hand. "I'm a friend of Buffy's and Cordy's." Gunn relaxed at the sound of Cordelia's name.

"Charles Gunn...you can call me Gunn. I work with Cordy and Angel."

"Is Angel around? We kind of need to talk to him."

"Problems in Sunnydale?" Gunn asked, immediately alert.

"It's a family thing." Spike added, his insolent tone making it clear that Gunn was not a party to what was going on.

"He's upstairs. Second floor, three doors to your left." Gunn offered the information to Xander, but couldn't quite keep his lips from tightening. Xander nodded. Spike growled softly as his lover shoved him none-too-gently towards the steps leading to the hotel.

"I'll go in first...you're just going to piss him off." Xander glowered at his husband. He turned and came face to face with a vamped out Spike. "Don't you snarl at me, mister. I'm not afraid of you. You wait and when it's cool, I'll call you in." He reached out and gently stroked his vampire's ridges. "I'm sorry for the stuff in the car. I love you, you know that, right?." Spike began to purr softly, rubbing his face against Xander's hand. Spike watched as Xander walked down the hall. Xander knocked on the door and was allowed in.

Xander gave Angel a somewhat shaky smile as he closed the door and greeted him politely. He saw Angel stand up to shake his hand and he stepped closer to the vampire, almost breathing a sigh of relief.

"Xander! You're looking..." Angel's friendly greeting trailed off as the dark- haired vamp scented the air, his nose twitching. In less than two seconds, Angel's face changed from human to demon. He growled at Xander, moving closer. "Claimed!" He snarled, knowing that the scent that was all over the boy belonged to Spike. Xander stumbled back in surprise and fear. He should have known that Angel would be able to smell Spike all over him.

"Spike! Spike!" The boy shouted, the fear in his voice obvious. The blond burst through the door and planted himself between his Sire and his mate. The vampires growled at each other and Xander used his husband as a body shield. "Spike, I don't want to die on my honeymoon. Can't we talk about this rationally?" He directed the last part to Angel, who only growled louder. Spike snarled at his Sire.

"Don't fret, Xander, luv. His bark is worse than his bite. Back off, Peaches, you're making my mate nervous." Spike said through a mouthful of fangs.

Angel's features melted into his human face and he stared at the boy in complete shock and something akin to horror.

"Honeymoon?" He yelped, the word finally penetrating his brain. "Xander, do you have any idea how claiming works? It can't be undone! You're bound for all of eternity to Spike! You can't possibly want that!"

"Oi! I'm bloody standing right here, Angelus!" Spike glared at him, his face in its human form as well, though his eyes flashed gold.

"We wanted to tell you, but we don't need your blessing, Angel. I asked Spike to claim me, it was my decision. He told me how claims work and I wanted it. I love him. I belong to him and he belongs to me. If you can't understand that or if you don't accept it, we'll go back to Sunnydale where they do."

"Buffy knows about this? And she's okay with it? That doesn't sound like Buffy to me...letting her friends go off with Spike and all."

"Letting? Nobody lets me do anything! In case you missed it, I'm a grown man, Angel!" Xander's eyes glittered dangerously. "Don't you make me into some kind of lackey who follows orders from Buffy! I'm her friend and yeah, she was pissed at first, but she doesn't have a say in this and neither do you!"

"Come on, luv, let's go. I told you that he wouldn't accept that I claimed you. We'll find a nice hotel with a honeymoon suite and a hot tub...we passed a Hilton on our way into the city." Spike said.

"I saw a Holiday Inn." Xander said, dismissing the Hilton as too ritzy and probably tacky too. He saw Spike's grimace turn into a lip-quivering pout and sighed, "All right...but you owe me big. This paycheck has to last me awhile."

"The Hyperion has a honeymoon suite." Angel sighed, not quite sure why he was offering a room to his wayward Childe and his new son-in-law...Xander Harris.

"Well, I am tired." Xander shrugged. Spike made a face, but slowly nodded. Xander kissed him gently on the mouth.

"It's your honeymoon, baby. I guess I can't complain if you want to spend it...here." Spike looked around the hotel with obvious distaste. Xander secretly pinched one of Spike's nipples, making the blond yelp. "You little..."

"I'll do anything that you want..." Xander whispered, "Anything." Spike closed his eyes, groaning at the naughty images that filled his head at his mate's words.

"I'm in." Spike announced. "Where's this honeymoon suite, Peaches?" Angel nearly swallowed his tongue when he heard Xander's arousing offer to Spike. He wondered for a brief second if they would let him watch. Shaking and slapping himself mentally, the dark vamp gave them directions and sighed in relief as they left. He needed to get laid and soon...especially if he was thinking about watching those two go at it. He dialed a familiar number on the phone without giving it a second thought.

"Wes? My...uh...office...now." Wesley owed him big and it was time to collect and from all the pheromones he'd smelled coming off the demon hunter lately, Wesley wasn't about to say no. Spike wasn't the only one who was going to get a little action tonight. Damn, but Xander Harris had grown up nice...all muscles and those dreamy eyes...not the scrawny little boy that Angel remembered. Spike had always had a thing for the boy, but Angel never thought the kid would ever give his Childe the time of day. He shook his head...Xander Harris claimed by William the Bloody aka Spike...did someone forget to tell him that hell had finally frozen over?

"Angel? You wanted me?" Wesley asked as he walked in, halting in his tracks at the heated look his boss gave him. Wes swallowed, feeling like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. He watched as the vampire moved toward him. "Angel?" He whispered, blinking as Angel closed in on him. To his surprise, the vampire walked past him, closing the door and...locking it. His stomach muscles clenched at the look Angel was now giving him. "What are you...mmmpphh..." He moaned as Angel's lips captured his in a hungry kiss. The demon hunter practically melted against the vampire. Threading his fingers through Wesley's short dark hair, Angel deepened the kiss. He moved towards the couch, gently depositing Wes on it. The man blinked up at him with stunned blue eyes. Angel sank on the cushion next to him, his dark eyes full of lust.

"Oh, yeah...I wanted you, all right. You owe me...time to pay up." Angel purred. "Did you think I wouldn't notice? You're a little cocktease, aren't ya, Wes?"

"No...I..." Wes began to protest, blushing. Angel put a finger against his lips, cutting him off. Wesley gasped as Angel began to tease his lips with that finger.

"Liar, liar, pants on fire..." Angel said in a soft voice that reminded Wesley of Angelus. Soft and mocking, with the barest hint of laughter. "All those longing looks, the 'accidental' brushing up against me, all the pheromones I smell coming off you in waves...I'm going to give you just what you've been dying for, Wes."

"Angel?" He asked, almost afraid that he was with the evil Master vampire and not his friend...the man he had fallen in love with.

"Don't sound so scared, baby...My soul's intact." He slid a hand around Wesley's head, cupping it, stroking the silky dark strands at the nape of Wesley's neck with his thumb. Wes moaned softly, his lips parting. Angel leaned in, teasing Wes with the barest of kisses before claiming his mouth with a possessiveness that made them both weak in the knees.

A few rooms down the hall, Xander bit his lip as he watched his husband handcuff his left wrist to the bedpost. Spike took hold of his other wrist and cuffed it as well.

"You know, baby, when I said I'd do anything...I wasn't referring to bondage." He complained, looking from one restrained arm to the other and then at his feet, tied spreadeagle on either side of the bed. It felt so weird to see himself naked and tied to a bed.

"Oh, so you can tie me to a chair, but I can't handcuff you and tie you to the bed? That's not fair, luv. Don't tell me that you didn't get off on tying me up...there's just something about someone else being so helpless..." Spike licked at Xander's parted lips, making his mate moan. Xander shuddered. "Something so arousing about wielding power over someone...knowing that they want what you are doing as much as you do." Spike murmured, kissing his way down Xander's chin, down his throat, nipping at the throbbing pulse there, moving down his body. Xander whimpered as Spike teased his nipples, crying out as his mate swirled his tongue around the stiff peaks. "See? Not complaining now, are ya, luv? Let Spike take care of you, baby." He crooned, lapping at one of the sensitive nipples.

To be Continued...

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