Resident Evil Arc

by Bronze DragonBlade

Copyright © 2003

Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I make no claims to [Joss Whedon] characters associated with the television shows.
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Dedication: For Taker_Mistress and Shara Nessu – Hope this makes you both feel a bit better. Bronze promised Mistress an S/X Fic and Shara’s A/S and/or A/X request created some goings-on in de dreamscape. This mini Arc is the result. Bon appetite ma petite belles.
Pairing: Xander/Angel/Spike

Summary: Sunnydale is home to more than one kind of evil, an evil with a disarming smile and a preference for vampires...

Part 1
The Moon is my Mistress

It was happening with more frequency now. No longer once or twice a month, not even a couple times every other week but daily. There was nothing he could do about it. Actually, there was nothing he wanted to do about it, it was a part of him now, had been since the initial possession. He’d been different from that moment; altered by the first touch of hell-mouthy supernaturalism when he stepped onto the marking painted in red on the floor of the hyena house, when he interposed himself into the act of violence taking place. The spirit sensed the strength others perceived as weakness – a worthy host, and moved in, taking over Xander’s body and awareness.

It all snowballed after that – Xander leading the pack as they took over the high school. Mocked and harassed the weaker students, lunched on the tender young piglet. Then, Buffy figured it out and confronted him. He had to admit his embarrassment at being trounced and locked up so quickly by the petite blonde. It bugged a bit that the pack had continued on without him for a full day of terrorizing fun – he’d missed the buffet featuring principle Flutie. Not that he really wanted to eat the man, but maybe string his guts from the over-hanging fluorescent lights, or paint the blackboard with bright red pictures – finger painting in blood 101, so many possibilities. As much as it turned his stomach to remember he’d eaten a pig, Xander was truly sorry he’d missed taking part in the dismemberment of the slobbering little fat fuck; if Xan had been free, Mr. Flutie would have suffered for a *very* long time.

It was a three day whirl-wind of terrorizing fun and excitement; long enough to imprint. Even with the others moving so quickly to save him once they figured out what was going on, it hadn’t been soon enough. When it was over – no more knives at Willow’s neck, the blue-faced Masai elemental witch-doctor-guy dead – a quick snack for the hyenas, and the pack exercised of the hyena-spirit, Xander still felt different.

Residual traces of the spirit lingered, cleaving to his soul, finding a middle-ground of co-existence resulting in something resembling a vampire. Xander didn’t have a demon, still had his soul, yet was no longer *human*. From what he was able to determine, he was an elemental. Of course he kept this to himself; he didn’t want to fall prey to the attention of the Initiative or the Watchers Council – no telling what they might do, not at all to be trusted. He hadn’t even told his best-friend and that was saying a lot about where he stood on all of this. Xander and Willow told each other everything.

Yeah right. If that were the case, then they would have told each other about being bi a long time ago.

No, no-one knew. None of the Scoobies suspected the residual spirit would grow in strength. It would slowly gather the fading essence of itself from the very stones and ether inside the hyena house. When it was ready, it sought out its core and once more housed itself in Xander’s body. Hyena spirit and human soul merged and became one.

Xander was able to conceal his powers – strength, speed, agility, heightened senses all around, no game-face thank-you-very-much. The urges were a slightly different matter; his spirit was wild and chaotic, ruled by its nature. The cycles moved within him, the time of hibernation – when the needs lay dormant, the time of mating – when the animalistic rawness of nature lifted its muzzle and scented the air, searching for a mate.

This was the season of mating and Xander felt the pull of the hunt. Nightly, when the disc of the moon floated in the inky sky, Xander answered the call of his mistress – the night, the moon, which held sway over him.

Tonight the moon was full and Xander was answering the call. He’d discovered a potential candidate – well two actually – vampires. Yeah, yeah, he knew all the hoopla on the subject... and this was a problem because???

It wasn’t, not when one was a hot blonde who called himself Spike – Xan hoped he lived up to his name – and a darker one, and Xan definitely hoped he wasn’t an Angel.

Xander fingered his freshly cut dark hair and looked around the Magic Box at the others, then tuned out the buzz of their conversation. He took another leisurely stroll through his memories, replaying the night he’d discovered *them* in their act of intense sex in the younger one’s crypt. He’d stumbled across them by sheer accident; well not really, it had been the smell that got his attention.

They had been hanging out in the Magic Box – Buffy, Willow, Tara, Giles and Anya. Spike had walked in through the front entrance while Xander came in from the store-room. The smell of sex nearly bowled Xander over and under the stack of boxes he had in his arms. It wasn’t that the boxes were more than he could manage or anything; not with the construction work he’d been doing on a regular basis, which had finalized his muscles. Not bragging here, but beef-cake takes a backseat to Xander-cake any day.

No, it was the overwhelming smell of lust and sex bombarding his senses. He’d had to struggle not to howl out a mating call the way he was doing inside, and down in his baggy painter’s jeans. Thank goodness he was so *clumsy*; that timely *stumble* brought the boxes down to cover the visible bulge; it also got him close to Spike faster.

~Oh yeah~

It was definitely Spike; all nice and freshly fucked smelling. Xander dropped his gaze and goofed out an apology while moving away and watching Spike through his dark lashes. Lashes that looked denser in the soft emerald glitter swirling in the brown depths.

The next evening after patrol, Xander followed Spike back to his crypt. He moved closer stepping from the shadows and scenting the air. The soft glitter coalesced into a deep emerald glow within his pupils as he moved along the cold stone until he reached the door and slipped inside among the shadows to a point where he could look into the large chamber and remain unseen. His dick jerked and twitched at the sight greeting him.

“I’m tellin ya, there’s something *wrong* about that Harris Twink,” Spike was saying as Angel licked his pale chest. The larger vampire had Spike bent backward across the large coffin in the center of the chamber.

Angel stopped what he was doing and looked up at Spike. “Did you say Twink?”

“Yeah, I did, don’t stop, like that. Twink, ya know as in Twinkie, golden sponge cake, rich creamy filling – Xander – walking nummy-treat.”

Angel just stared while letting Spike pull his silk shirt open, sending buttons flying through the air. “Damn it, Spike! Easy on the buttons, you’re starting to cost me a fortune in...”

“Quit yer whining, it’s not like ya haven’t got a spare don’t ya.”

“Yeah, I do.” Angel tore Spike’s jeans off.

“Yeah,” Spike growled and went for Angel’s slacks.

“Like hell you do,” Angel dodged back, “spare shirt yes, pants, not.”

Spike waited impatiently while Angel undid his pants and took them off. He stroked himself and returned to his monologue.

“The other evening, when I got to the old pansy’s store the kid was there, acted funny ‘e did sniffing at me ‘e was and his eyes looked sort o’ funny too. Not funny ha-ha, but funny there’s definitely something weird going on around here.”

“Interesting,” Angel mumbled, covering Spike’s mouth with his own.

Xander made a low noise in his chest, more a vibration than actual sound, and continued to watch as the two vampires stopped talking.

There was a quality of animal rawness in the gently fierce act of their coming together. Angel’s dusky-pale hands sliding across Spike’s lean paleness; holding him under the armpits as he tongued the pale nipples before biting and gnawing until trickles of blood ran down the crisp clean lines of Spike’s twisting torso. Angel’s eyes glittered as he followed the trail down with his tongue; he nuzzled the dense silk of Spike’s pubic hair, stained red from his attentions.

Spike looked down, watching with equally glowing eyes, as Angel breathed on the head of his cock making it jerk in the cold air. Angel caught the pearl of clear fluid on his tongue when it was bounced free from Spike’s slit. Xander squeezed himself gently and continued to watch.

Angel dropped to his knees and shouldered Spike’s legs apart. Holding him by the waist Angel swallowed Spike’s erection. He nuzzled the base, tightening his lips around it then he let his teeth scrape lightly over the sensitive skin as he moved his mouth back along Spike’s length.

Spike groaned and growled as Angel continued to suck-nuzzle-scrape, setting up a steady rhythm. He morphed into game-face when Angel’s blood slick fingers left his swollen nipples and centered their deft attentions on his ass. He panted and bucked his hips as Angel worked the digit in, slowly twisting and push-pulling until it was completely embedded. Angel crooked his finger, stroking Spike’s nerve center and Spike’s head banged against the stone lid as lights exploded behind his closed eyes.

“Again,” Spike growled around his fangs, “do that again.”

The words were softly mouthed by Xander who had fallen completely into the spell of heat being woven. His musky pheromones wafted through the air filling the closed chamber and acting like a drug on the occupants.

Angel was standing now, leaning his muscled ass against the coffin and guiding Spike to his knees. One hand left the lean shoulders and brushed across Spike’s ridged brow.

“No biting,” Angel said his voice husky and sending thrills through their ears and along their senses. Xander grinned and suppressed a snicker as Spike concentrated on getting rid of the fangs. Angel smirked at his efforts and then sighed as Spike began to suck greedily on his aching shaft.

Spike pressed his wicked mouth along the side of Angel’s cock and lashed his tongue over the skin as he slid slowly down to the base. He mouthed his way down to Angel’s hairy scrotum and nuzzled in.

“Oohhh,” Angel moaned, then pressed his cock down against Spike’s upturned face and humped. Xander copied his actions, pressing against his palm and humping gently as he watched Angel’s cock finally slide down Spike’s throat, he wondered how it felt.

“Fuck, Spike, that’s good,” Angel hissed.

The air grew heavy and thick with the smells of lust, heat, and need pouring from the two entwined figures. Angel maneuvered Spike against the coffin, bending him forward across the lid. Spike gripped the coffin lid as Angel pressed down on the small of his back while easing his cock past Spike’s clenching muscle-ring. The firm pressure in his back angled his hips for maximum sensation as Angel slowly fucked his thick cock in and out of Spike’s tight ass.

“Mmmtight, Spike, so damn tight,” Angel moaned as he palmed the vampire’s pale globes and pressed them apart.

“Friggin cork it up and make with the shaggin me already,” Spike panted trying to rock his hips back and impale himself fully on Angel’s teasing prick.

Angel grinned as he held Spike’s buttocks, keeping him from moving the way Spike wanted. Angel flexed his hips and speared his cock into Spike, jabbing his prostate and then sliding over it as he ground his hips against Spike’s.

“Yesss,” they hissed as Angel stretched his body across Spike’s back and worked his hips.

“Ya rubbin me cock raw, ya wanker,” Spike complained. Each of Angel’s thrusts pressed Spike’s aching member into the rough stone. After a while the pleasurable sensation turned painful against his ultra-sensitive skin.

“Sorry,” Angel mouthed against the back of his neck, licking the skin as he eased himself off Spike and wrapped his arms around his lean waist. He slid his hands down to cup Spike’s balls and phallus, pressing them against his body and lifting his ass in the air.

Angel stood with his legs spread and feet firmly planted. He held Spike plastered to his broad chest; rising up on tip toe as Angel fucked his upturned ass and milked his trapped cock and balls. Spike reached back to grasp what he could of Angel’s hard, flexing ass and pull them closer.

“Deeper, An-gel, mmmoo-oore,” Spike stuttered as Angel’s thrusts became staccato.

Angel worked his hips in an easy circle as he slid Spike free. He held him and toyed the head of his cock in and out of the twitching rosette until Spike morphed into game-face again; his clawed nails digging into the stone. Angel stopped teasing and turned Spike fully around, face to face, before lifting him from the floor. Spike wrapped his legs around Angel’s waist as the larger man shifted until he could lean his flexing buttocks against the coffin lid.

Spike braced his feet on the lid and his hands on Angel’s shoulders then lowered himself onto the up-thrust cock. Angel slid his hands under Spike’s ass and held his weight as the blonde fucked himself delirious on Angel’s pole.

Xander couldn’t stand it any more and unzipped his pants. He whipped out his stiff cock and jerked it roughly, clenching and relaxing his sweaty grip. His eruption of sticky white bullets shot forth as the vampires bared their fangs and bit each other.

The thick flow of blood into their mouths, burning coldly down their throats catapulted the two vamps into orgasm. Their bodies twitched and jerked as Angel scorched Spike’s insides with jet after jet of cold cum and Spike bathed their bellies with his own.

Xander continued to make that lulling vibration in his chest as he backed away. When he reached the entrance he urinated along the door-ceil, marking territory; warning interlopers that the contents of this crypt belonged to him.

Part 2
The Taker – Claiming Spike

Spike spiraled down from his orgasm and slumped against Angel’s heaving chest. After a few seconds they disentangled and started cleaning up. Angel stopped and sniffed the air, frowning at something. Spike looked at him as if Angel had finally been driven bonkers by the soul.

“Don’t you smell that?” Angel queried.

“Smell what? I don’t...” Spike trailed off as he sniffed the air, “...wot’s that?”

Both vamps continued to scent the heavy air, moving toward the spot where Xander had been hiding. They were hit hard by the waves of lust rising from the crumbling wall and their flaccid members quickly filled with blood.

The next night Xander was late arriving at the Magic Box. Spike wondered where the little tosser had been and what he’d been up to. There was something predatory in the air around Xander. Spike sampled the air, checking for hints of the smell he and Angel had encountered the night before.

Spike wasn’t sure if it were the looks he caught glimpses of lurking across those darkly erotic features or the smells that were messing with his head. The vampire contemplated as he studied Xander decked out in a dark blue jogging suit with triple-bands of red and gold color running up the legs and arms. The material clung to the young man’s muscled frame and emphasized the stalker-like quality of Xander’s walk and carriage.

Lusty wickedness flashed through Spike’s mind when he finally caught a whiff of what he’d been checking for, Xander’s personal scent, when the mortal breezed past him as if Spike weren’t standing there. It grated on his nerves that Xander, a mere human, would dare disregard him. Spike was a deadly killer with two dead slayers notched in his non-existent belt. Okay, alright, so he had the chip and couldn’t harm humans, he was still *Spike* damn it! Still the Big Bad, not that sodden poof Angel. Okay, so Angel was soul-ridden, nobody was perfect.

Xander ignored Spike during the short session and didn’t even acknowledge having been paired with the vamp for the night’s patrol. Xander continued to pointedly ignore Spike until the frustrated vampire cornered him against the side of a building on a dimly lit street.

“Wot’s with you mate? Ya been acting friggin wacky all night ya have, drivin me bloody batty and I don’t like it so knock it off.” Spike said. He kept his tone casually conversational and deceptively calm; he didn’t want to set the damn chip off.

“Hmm, *Mate*. Interesting choice of verb-age there, Spike,” Xander breathed, his hot breath washing over Spike; teasing him with the taste of Xander and chocolate from the candy bar he’d refused to share.

~Selfish git~

Xander leaned away from the wall, moving forward to fill the minute space between them. Now they were chest to chest, crotch to crotch, pressingly as Spike’s body unconsciously strained toward the heat.

Xan locked gazes with Spike then shocked the vampire by moving closer still and inhaling Spike’s scent. The action was animalistic and erotic and it hit Spike with waves of that heady pheromone smell Xander exuded – lust and sex – raw animal heat. Spike couldn’t help it; he inhaled deeply – unnecessarily – intoxicating himself further with Xan’s drug-like scent. His cock hardened and the next thing he knew, Spike had Xander in a serious lip-lock, pressing him back into the stone. His cock felt like it was turning into an iron spike between his legs as Xander started licking and tasting his cold skin.

The soft thrumming vibration he could feel against his chest entranced Spike. He pulled at Xander’s shirt, trying to expose the beckoning skin underneath.

“Did you want to do this here... we could go back to my place...” Xander breathed into Spike’s ear as he slid his hands down the vampire’s back and cupped his denim clad buttocks.

Without waiting for an answer, Xander slipped away, ducking under Spike’s arms and walked away. He head no doubt that Spike would follow; he could feel the burn of Spike’s hot blue gaze on his ass as he slunk down the street.

Xan could feel his cock leaking and itching with the need to be cooled. He didn’t waste any time getting to his apartment and them inside. Spike was all over him the minute the door lock clicked, pulling and tearing at Xan’s clothing in an effort to expose the tanned limbs. He dumped Xander in the bed and stared as Xander’s callused fingers began to toy with the throbbing column of flesh arrowing up from between his corded thighs.

Watching Xander stroke his rigid member made Spike feel weak. He felt hollow and swirly in his middle; Xander may not have been as long or thick as Angel, but he was sure as hell well equipped. Xan’s dick drooled and twitched in his light grip when he scented the change in Spike. He humped the air suggestively and licked his lips in anticipation as Spike quickly shed his clothes.

Spike crawled up the bed and brushed Xander’s hand away, replacing it with his mouth – lapping at the salty-sweet flavor of Xander’s pre-cum. Xander submerged himself in the soft wet sucking sensations until he was on the verge of climax. He reached down and urged Spike to crawl up the bed, maneuvering Spike onto his back. Xan teased the pale body with languid caresses and strokes as he lost himself in the feel of Spike’s smooth skin against his fingertips. Spike was so lost in the heat Xander was sinking him into he didn’t register the emerald glow of Xander’s dilated pupils.

“Ya gonna start shaggin anytime soon?” Spike groaned unable to take any more of Xan’s teasing. Xander had him on all fours now. He knelt beside Spike’s undulating body and stroked his leaking member in time to the thrusting of his fingers preparing the vampire for his cock.

Xander positioned himself behind Spike and gripped his hips while pressing the head of his cock against Spike’s twitching guardian ring. Spike rocked back and forth, Xander’s hands guiding his movements.

“Unngh,” Spike grunted as he came in a surprising burst when the hot cock did something to him deep inside, blinding him from within with flashes hazy bright green lust. The waves of heat scorched through his cold body melting Spike down into the sheets. It felt so damn good Spike didn’t mind being pressed down to squirm in the wet stickiness of his cum staining the sheets.

“Cold, good mmmnice,” Xander panted as he stretched himself the length of Spike’s cool back, covering him in his heat and sweat – sweat fragrant with Xander’s overpowering pheromones. Their bodies rolled and rocked until Xander was on the verge of orgasm again. He eased free of Spike and flipped the vampire over on his back. The hazy green tried to dissipate as Spike stared up into Xander’s glowing eyes then Xander was leaning down and licking the spot where Angel had bitten Spike the night before.

Spike’s mind dissolved into the green haze of lust as he felt Xander draping his legs over his wide shoulders and spearing his cock deep inside of his clenching hole.

“Yesss. Yeah, that’s good, so good.”

Droplets of sweat fell from Xander’s nose, splashing on Spike’s face. Spike’s tongue snaked out to taste what it could reach as he morphed back and forth between game-face and human visage. He pulled Xander down and licked the sweat from his brow, his hands reaching down to fondle Xan’s pumping ass. The vibration Xander was making became an audible hum as Spike’s fingers stroked between the cheeks.

That cold touch against his hot pucker sent Xander over the edge. “Cumming,” he hummed against Spike as he felt his cock swelling.

Spike rocked his upturned ass wildly, his thighs pressed against his chest, his knees bumped his ears, and his heels pressed into Xander’s back as the mortal dug his toes into the tangled blankets and made his cock do that vibrating thing against Spike’s prostate again. Spike’s trapped cock swelled painfully, jerking and spewing streamers of milky cum over their washboard abdomens.

Xander eased Spike’s legs from his shoulders and his deflating cock from his still twitching ass. Spike stretched and groaned as Xan stretched out on top of him, sliding his semi-erect phallus along side his. Xander slid his hand between them and smeared it in the coldly glittering cum on their skin. He licked and sucked his fingers clean, squirming against Spike and the thrum slid into a deeper tone when Spike’s cool fingers trailed up and down his spine before slipping between his tanned globes and starting another fire of need burning in Xander.

Part 3
The Taker – Claiming Angel

Throughout the day Xander grew antsy with need and was forced to seek out a private corner to either calm his rising heat or quickly relieve himself. The sense of danger with the possibility of being caught jerking off on the construction site added a certain edge and Xan did more *relieving* than breathing exercises.

It became an effort to contain himself through the lunch hour; the last thirty minutes of the work day; then his struggle with his demanding spirit; his climbing need to mate, during the pre-patrol meeting and then the patrol itself. It seemed to take forever and a day but Xan finally managed to be free of obstacles and answer the call of the moon.

Angel stepped from the shower and sluiced the beads of water from his body. He glanced at the clock when he heard the insistent knocking on the front door. Angel shook his head as he moved through the mansion toweling his body. His cock stirred in anticipation as he reached his destination. Tossing the damp towel over his shoulder, Angel opened the door and stared in surprise. He had been expecting a horny Spike, not a dumbstruck (?) Xander Harris. Spike’s words filtered through his mind.

“There’s something loony going on with the Harris whelp.”

Xander looked unstable on his feet; he clutched the door frame and didn’t seem able to lift his head. Angel darted glances around as he grabbed Xander by the shoulder, he could sense something, a thrumming vibration on the air.

“Xander, are you alright? What happened?” Angel was suddenly concerned that maybe Spike had been right after all and something not of the good was focusing on Xander. Angel could *sense* something, and there had to be *something* or else Xander wouldn’t have come, not to him anyway.

Xander took a wobbly step inside, letting the larger man take and guide most of his weight. “Please, I need,” he moaned weakly and Angel caught him before Xander fell on his face.

“What is it, what’s going on,” Angel asked as he pushed the door closed with his bare foot and held Xander up.

“I need,” was all Xander seemed capable of moaning as Angel half carried, half dragged him into the larger living area and lowered him to the leather couch near the fireplace.

Angel wrapped the towel around his waist before squatting down in front of Xan, resting on the balls of his feet with his open legs threatening to dislodge the towel. He reached up and gripped Xander’s chin, tilting the boy’s head back and staring into his softly glowing eyes. A jolt went through the vampire as Xander reached down between his thick thighs.

“I need this,” Xan breathed huskily as he wrapped his warm fingers around Angel’s erection, his pheromones wafting off his skin and invading Angel’s awareness.

Angel’s cock pulsed in the hot grip and he tried to clear his thoughts. “Xander what,” but his words were cut off by Xan’s hot mouth covering his, his fleshy tongue questing inside Angel’s mouth, “are you doing?” Angel moaned as he was released. His mouth followed Xander’s when the mortal leaned back.

Xander’s arousing scent teased through his clothing and Angel pulled at his shirt while kissing him, trying to get to the source of the intoxicating aroma. He pulled Xander down to the floor and straddled his legs, sitting on Xan’s muscled thighs. Angel shivered under Xander’s hot hands on his back, circling his waist, pulling the towel free.

“Hot, too hot burning up,” Xander panted.

Angel’s mind floated in a haze, he needed to remove the barrier of confining clothing separating him from the lush skin. Angel’s thoughts whirled as he ripped Xander’s rugby shirt up the middle then gripped it by the shoulders and ripped it down the back until he held double-handfuls of yellow stripped, blue material.

Xan stretched languidly, lifting his arms above his head and pressing his biceps against his ears as Angel attacked his nipples; licking and sucking; rolling and twisting, pulling the tanned body forward away from the leather and towards him, bringing the delicious smells closer.

Xander whimpered and thrummed louder when Angel nipped his hardened nubs; lapped at the trickle of bright red blood. He watched the vampire through hooded, brown/green eyes as Angel freed his straining hips from his pants, then tore his plain white boxers to shreds. The heat uncoiled from Xan’s anus, lashing up his spine into his brain setting it on fire at his new mate’s aggressive actions.

Xander panted and moaned, struggling against the tide that threatened to overwhelm and sweep him away. This one was strong, powerful – just what the hyena-spirited young man craved – but there was danger of getting lost in the other’s power, his allure. That couldn’t happen, not just yet anyway.

Angel’s demon responded to the signals being communicated. He stared into the boy’s weirdly dilated eyes. Angel morphed into game-face as the demon rose to the surface whispering in his head.

:{‘Take him, claim him, make him ours’}:

Angel shook his head against the mesmerizing whispers, the vibrating thrum, and Xander’s essence luring him, while the elemental entertained the same internal conversation.

Xander watched Angel vamp out; it stoked the simmering heat and Xan made a growly noise. Angel’s brow went human at the sound, the surprise of Xander surging up and scorching his chest with his cock as he rubbed down Angel’s cold torso lowering his ass into the vampire’s lap. Xander straddled Angel and stared into the vampire’s golden eyes while tangling his fingers in the short dark hair and pulling his head back, exposing the hard column of his neck.

Angel growled a low warning, Xander growled back, pressing his sharp white teeth against the vampire’s neck. He rocked in Angel’s lap, grinding the hot flesh of his cock into Angel’s belly, his ass against the vampire’s cock. Angel settled his hands on Xan’s waist calming his movements, guiding them for maximum friction and heat against his balls.

“Ssshhit,” Angel hissed through his teeth, “you’re hot.”

“Burning up,” Xander moaned into Angel’s mouth as he rose up on his knees. Angel instinctively gripped his cock at the base with one hand and held Xander’s waist with the other. Another tiny growl escaped Xander’s lips as he lowered himself over Angel’s erection. He scraped his teeth against the vampire’s sensitive skin and thrummed against his chest.

Xander’s weight pressed down on Angel’s rigid length, bending it slightly against the resistance of his tight pucker. Angel grabbed a handful of Xander’s hair and tugged his head back; gently freeing his lower lip from the boy’s gnawing teeth. The absence of pressure pulled a groan from both men as Angel placed his other hand in the small of Xan’s back and pressed him forward, trapping his throbbing erection against the vampire’s washboard abs. Xander whined and humped against Angel as he was lowered back to the vampire’s hard lap, his legs straddling Angel’s and parting his buttocks for the vampire’s probing fingers.

“Tell me again, what you need,” Angel panted.

“This,” Xander thrummed reaching behind him and gripping the vampire’s cold phallus again. He pressed his chest against Angel’s and angled his ass so the Vampire had better access to where they both wanted his fingers and cock to be.

“No,” Angel rasped, “*Tell* me.”

“Cock, I need your cock inside me, freezing me and putting out the fire that’s burning me up, please.”

He looked wildly lush and delicious kneeling there, staring down into Angel’s vamped out face, with his wide brown-ringed green gaze. Xan’s lips were pouty and swollen from Angel’s attentions and a fine sheen of sweat glistened on his body; Angel had another flash of a Twinkie, golden sponge cake with sweet crème filling – Xander. He may have looked like something easily devoured, but Xander sounded wicked, hot, and he was sinking Angel further and further into his heat.

“Fuck me,” Xander groaned.

“Oh, yeah.  You’ve earned it,” Angel promised.

He moved his hand to Xander’s face, gripping his jaw and pulling Xan’s mouth down to his. Xander tried to suck Angel’s tongue out, or at least it felt like it, his greedy suction was that strong. They lapped at each others mouths, their tongues dueling as their bodies moved to their own rhythm.

Angel peeled Xander’s clinging hot body from his and maneuvered the mortal around to face the couch. He pressed Xander’s chest into the soft leather and gripped the base of Xan’s cock, urging and directing his hips up. Xander’s body quaked as he was forced up onto the balls of his feet; the muscles in his thighs standing out as Angel’s other hand gripped his right buttock and pulled it away from its twin.

Angel’s tongue snaked out to slither against Xander’s puckered rosette. The boy whined and the trickle of clear fluid oozing from their cocks became a steady flow as Angel’s tongue worked its way past the guardian ring and tickled just inside, sending Xander into a fit of bucking and thrumming. His scent permeated the air, making it thick in Angel’s lungs. Angel inhaled deeply, trying to overdose on Xander’s smell.

Angel’s cool hand continued to milk Xander’s hot flesh as he replaced his tongue with a finger; working it in until he was deep enough to stroke Xan’s nerve-nodule. Xan went boneless against the leather as another finger was added, teasing him open while doing very little toward putting out the heat scorching through him. He pressed his grinning countenance into the couch and clawed the expensive leather, leaving tiny rents in his wake as a third finger was added.

“Now, now,” Xander demanded, his mating call and scent inciting and enslaving Angel’s demon.

Angel scooted back and rose up on his knees behind Xander; his fingers never ceased their in and out twisty-tugging movements until he slipped them free. Xander’s whine slid down into that mesmerizing thrum as Angel replaced his fingers with the head of his cock.

“Fuck, it’s tight,” Angel growled, panting unnecessarily but needing to get more of Xander’s smell into his system. He worked his hips in quick short thrust, sinking himself deeper and deeper inside the fiery sheath until he was grinding his balls against Xander’s. Using both hands, Angel worked Xander’s hips in alternating tight-loose circles while thrusting in and out of his clenching passage. He pulled Xander up on his knees, his sweaty back against Angel’s chest then lowered them back as he let his tightly muscled buttocks rest on his heels.

Angel tweaked and teased the hard brown nubs of Xander’s nipples as the boy’s head fell back to rest on his shoulder. Xander grinned in triumph as he rode up and down, the vampire was his now.

Xander broke the rhythm Angel set, turning and twisting his sweat slick agile body in Angel’s clutching grip until they were face to face and he was once again straddling Angel; never once having let the icy-hot cock slip free from his clutching grasp.

Pheromone-sweat soaked into his pores making Angel helpless to keep Xander from taking control as the boy latched on to his neck again, tonguing and gnawing at the tender place where Spike had bitten him the day before. Angel threw his head back and worked his hips as Xander rode him with determination.

Xander moved with slow deliberation as he held Angel by the ears and stared into his lust clouded eyes, his own face as twisted and suffused with lust.

“Freezing me burning me soo good so tight, hot, more,” was panted out between them as Xander rode them up the mountain of climax and threw them over the edge with his guttural howl of completion.

Angel’s sounds of orgasmic delirium joined Xander’s as his cock convulsed deep with the mortal’s hot depths. Xander’s body went limp and boneless as he fell back, his head bumped the carpeted floor and his back slithered on Angel’s thighs as cum shot up into the air. Angel strained forward, bending and arching, his bloodless lips barely managed to capture the angry head of Xan’s purpling cock as the bullets shot forth. Angel sucked greedily, cum trickled from the corner of his mouth as his flood of cum released into Xan’s furnace hot body leaked and dribbled down his shaft.

From where he was hidden in the shrubbery near the large window, Spike watched Xander ride Angel into a boneless puddle of un-dead flesh. He wondered where the boy had learned to fuck like that; he wanted to watch them up close and touchable, Angel and Xander looked friggin mind-blowing moving together. Spike wasn’t even slightly jealous at the enthusiasm Angel was displaying; Xander looked like a sensational shag.

Spike wanted to be in that room with them, feeling Xan move on him the way he was doing to Angel. He wanted to feel Xander in him again, with Angel watching, helping, he wanted them both, wanted to share the claiming of Xander with Angel.

Spike came in his jeans seconds after Xander erupted into Angel’s mouth, and Angel drenched his inner fires with a wash of cool preternatural cum. The two drew apart and used the tatters of Xander’s rugby shirt to clean up.

“This isn’t going to be a one time thing.”

“Better not be, I definitely want lots of repeats,” Xander grinned back as he stretched out next to Angel on the floor.

“Shit,” Angel hissed.

“What,” Xander asked lazily.


“Is outside the window. Why don’t you invite him in,” Xander asked with a lascivious smile.

Part 4
My Family, My Pack

Several weeks later Anya followed her boyfriend as he left the Magic Box. Xander had been acting strange lately and she wanted to talk to him about it. Knowing how her man felt about her discussing their private life in front of the others, Anya decided to follow him when he left that night. There had to be a good reason why he was no longer giving her the wonderful sex he was so good at making and she damn well wanted to know why.

At first she’d thought Xander was getting sick, that was it, he had to be coming down with something, but when she questioned him about his health he’d assured her he was feeling fine, in fact he felt better than he had in a while.

Okay, he wasn’t sick so it must be his work. Anya knew from all the nice muscles that Xan’s job was hard work, but it wasn’t supposed to make him too tired for sex, so she took a day off and snuck to his work-site to watch him. Xander did more directing and instructing as acting foreman than hard work, so she discarded this possibility.

Anya pondered what else it could be, she was down to her last two options and they sort of blended into one – she knew her Xander might still be hung up on that Buffy person, but Buffy was seeing that Riley boy.

~He better be giving her good orgasms or else, if she’s trying to get mine from Xan there’s going to be trouble~

Or, it could be the patrols, and that Buffy person again, that was taking away all his energy for sex. She knew Xander did his share of dusting vamps from the times out with him that they actually patrolled instead of making orgasms in some hidden corner of their assigned sector. It tickled her that Xan liked to do it in places where they could get caught.

“I don’t know, it just makes it funner,” Xander had shrugged when she teased him about it that one time. Now she was sorry she had done that, there hadn’t been anymore orgasms-on-patrol sessions since then. Now, when she patrolled with Xan, that’s exactly what they did, patrol.

She didn’t know what it could be but was determined to find out tonight as she followed him. It really bothered her that Xander didn’t even bother to make excuses any more, now he just stared at her with disinterest and flat out said, “No,” with an equally disinterested tone each time she wanted an orgasm.

Being rationed down, from four to two per night, had been hard but being allowed only one every now and then was too much. Who could survive with only one orgasm every now and then when you were used to having several every night? It just wasn’t fair and enough was enough! In her mind, if Anya wasn’t getting the orgasms, then somebody *else* was. She knew Xan’s insatiable need for sex; that was why she’d picked him in the first place. He liked having lots and lots of orgasms as much as she did.

Anya trailed a block behind her errant orgasm-making boyfriend. Why was Xander going towards Angel’s mansion? Why didn’t he knock on the door like everyone else? Who did he think he was, just waltzing into such a shady place as if he owned it?

Xan disappeared inside the mansion as Anya crept into the garden. She sought the cover of some shrubs near a large window. She cast a glance around the deteriorating garden and snorted.

~Vampires. Hell, men~

The sound of raised voices pulled her attention and she turned to peer through the dirty window, rubbing at the very same spot Spike had spied through only weeks ago.

“Cause its boring here, that’s why. Boring, B.O.R.I.N.G. and its drivin me crazy!”

Spike prowled the room puffing and gesturing with his cigarette while ranting. Angel turned the newspaper over and re-folded it. Without looking up he spoke.

“But New Orleans, Spike? That place is so...”

“So *not* this dump, innit.” Spike finished as Xander entered the room. “Bout bloody damn time, pet,” Spike gripped as Xander strolled in and flopped down on the repaired couch. Xander shrugged, Angel grinned.

“What’s so not this dump?” Xander asked kicking off his shoes and wiggling his toes.

“Spike’s board.”

“Friggin right I am, this place is boring.”

“You said that already.”

“And what else is new, when isn’t fang junior bored?”

“When we’re shaggin,” Spike quipped with a wicked grin.

“Yeh, shaggin,” Xander giggled. Angel rolled his eyes. “Wonder if that could get boring too,” Xan teased.

“Bite your tongue,” Angel interjected with mock ferocity and indignation and Spike rolled his eyes.

“I’ll bite it, and lots else too, but I want excitement. I want some real music and dancing and booze and...”

“Cool, sounds like a party, let’s go.” Xander said.

“Good! New Orleans here we come!” Spike crowed.

“Why there?” Angel groaned again. “You act like that’s the only city you know about.”

“Oi, stuff it, ya plunker, the only city I know? Get real. I’m talking about Mardi Gras, numb-nuts. All night parties, hot girls, hotter boys, booze. Real Night Life.” Spike informed them while doing a James Brown spin and dropping to the floor in the splits and taking a bow.

Angel disagreed on New Orleans, he thought they should go to Vegas or Miami, and the two continued to bicker back and forth until Xander got bored with listening, he wanted to play now.

“If you two are gonna waste all your energy arguing, then I’m gonna go home and play alone.”

That brought them up short. If Xander left they’d have to go and drag him back for the sex and that was wasting more time and energy than either was willing.

Anya’s mouth fell open when Angel tossed the paper aside and left his chair to sit beside her boyfriend on the couch. She watched Angel gather Xander to straddle his lap. Spike tossed the remains of his cigarette into the fireplace and moved to join them, settling on Angel’s legs behind Xan.

The two younger men shifted closer – Xander against Angel’s chest and groin with his own, and Spike against Xan’s back and ass. Spike slipped his wiry arms around Xander and wormed a hand between the two bulging crotches.

“Umm Spike,” Xander murmured as he dropped his head back on the blonde’s shoulder. Angel leaned forward and began to unbutton Xander’s shirt and Spike undid his belt, the two focusing on Xander until he was naked between them.

So, this was where all her orgasms were going, Anya realized as she watched the two vampires strip.

Xander reclined on the couch with his legs spread open, stroking his erect cock as Angel and Spike started kissing and rubbing their hard cocks together. He toyed with his nipples as the two turned to him.

“I love that sound,” Angel whispered, grinning as he sat on the couch and pulled Xander back into his lap.

“I love that smell, pet, makes me wanna just eat ya up,” Spike purred as he pushed them down, Angel on his back with Xander draped across his chest. Spike grinned, winked and then attacked their cocks, first sucking on Xander’s and then Angel’s.

Their actions grew more focused and intense as they moved Xander to the middle of the carpet and stretched him out on his back. The three fell into an easy, familiar rhythm as they made love; Angel and Spike kissing and licking Xander from head to toe; lapping up the fine sheen of pheromone infused sweat breaking out across his tanned skin.

Shifting and moving together, they lay on their sides, heads pillowed on thighs as they nibbled and suckled at each others cocks – Xander sucking on Angel, Angel sucking on Spike, and Spike sucking on Xander. Soft moans and sighs filtered through the room as fingers, cold and warm, delved between tightly muscled buttocks, prodding and probing.

Xander rolled onto his back and spread his legs wide for Spike. The lean blonde followed, rolling onto his stomach between Xan’s legs while he continued to suck Xander’s throbbing member. Spike’s platinum head bobbed slowly up and down, allowing glimpses of Xander’s spit slick erection while he worked his hands under Xan’s flexing buttocks; his middle finger stroking the smooth walls of Xan’s passage.

Angel watched with glowing eyes while he moved to kneel between Spike’s spread legs. He attacked the mouth-watering alabaster globes, squeezing the pale flesh between his fingers as he licked and nibbled at the pink rosette nestled between them.

Xander closed his glowing eyes and rolled his head from side to side as Spike continued to deep-throat him, fondling his balls and working a second finger into his tightness.

Moving in sync, Angel pulled Spike up on all fours and Xander shifted around on his back until his head was under Spike’s drooling cock. He parted his lips wide for the cold tool as Angel used the fingers he had buried in Spike’s ass to guide him down into Xander’s waiting mouth.

Xander reached up to stroke and fondle Spike’s balls while milking Angel’s cock with his other hand. Several minutes later the cool column was taken from Xander’s greedy mouth as Angel maneuvered Spike onto his back and the two brunettes attacked the squirming blonde. They continued to shift in their complex ballet of desire and passion until Xander was on his hands and knees between them. Spike stroked his slim cock in and out of Xan’s mouth while Angel stroked his thick member in and out of Xander’s needy hole.

Anya watched, feeling sick and angry, but most of all cheated, as the three moved together like a well oiled machine; taking turns at fucking and being fucked.

Xander had never touched her like that. He’d never had that look of enraptured bliss on his handsome face when she sucked his cock, or while he was making her squirm with his wicked thrusts. He never made those sounds either when he came, she reflected.

Anya wanted to storm into the house and march right up to them. She wanted to kick Spike’s ass right out of Xander’s lap and off his cock; that cock belonged to her! She burned with the desire to take the poker and beat Angel’s head in until he released his hold on her Xan and took his hatefully beautiful cock out of his tight heat; that was for her fingers alone, not his!

She fought the urge to run and hide and cry herself out as the three reached another orgasm. Anya ground her teeth in rage and screamed inside her head as she witnessed their fourth, or was it the fifth, orgasm? This one more intense because they were biting now. Xander never did that with her, not that she wanted to taste his blood, spill it now maybe, but not taste it and she was certain she didn’t want him drinking hers.

~Eww, gross~

She watched, unable to move away, as Angel locked his full lips on Xander’s neck and gently bit down. Her stomach rolled and her crotch got damp with her fluids as Xander wormed his fingers past Angel’s lips and dabbled in his blood before moving to smear the redness across Spike’s lips and fangs.

Spike sucked Xander’s fingers into his mouth, licking off the blood and nibbling on the sensitive pads while Xander slid his free hand down his back. Spike continued to rock his hips as he released the fingers and pressed his chest against Xan’s, trapping the mortal between two cold vampiric bodies.

Xander’s hand cupped the back of Spike’s head, fingering the blonde waves as the vampire glued his lips to the other side of Xander’s arched neck and pressed in for a blood kiss. Xander squirmed and bucked between them, his head lolled back to rest on Angel’s shoulder as he ran the fingers of his other hand through Angel’s dark hair, dragging his nails across their sensitive scalps and floating in the blissful sensations of their intimate kisses.

The air thrummed with desire and Xander’s enthralling vibrations, vampiric purrs and grunts and the sounds of flesh sliding on flesh, and sucking mouths. They moved through a quicksand soupiness as Xander’s hips undulated back and forth, impaling himself with easy glides on Angel’s cock; sliding deep into Spike’s clenching cold furnace. His eyes rolled back in his head as he tumbled over the precipice and bathed Spike’s insides with warm semen while Angel soothed his burning heat with his cold ejaculate. Spike’s cum spurted forth, spilling down to coat the two hands working his shaft and balls; one hot the other cold.

Finally fucked out they collapsed on the floor and lay panting, curled together in a sticky, sweat-cooling mass of tangled limbs. Anya crept away with the image of Xander drifting off to sleep in the arms of two vampires and the most satisfied smile she’d ever seen grace his beautiful face.

Anya watched the clock, waiting for Xander to be off work. Every few minutes she would check the time and mutter under her breath.

“Giles, I need to run an errand, I shall return very soon,” Anya informed Giles when it was time. She quickly left the shop, having a feeling that Xander wasn’t going to show up at the store that night she made all haste toward the mansion.

As she suspected, there was Xander strolling down the street with a duffle bag bouncing on his back. He even had the nerve to be whistling ‘Dixie’ as he made his way toward Angel’s mansion.

“Xander,” Anya demanded as she stepped into his path and blocked his progress into the garden.

“Anya, what are you doing here?” Xander asked in mild surprise.

She stared at him in disbelief.

~How dare he~

Her fist balled at her sides and her face got funny and pinched looking. “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me,” she wailed.

“Doing what? I’m not doing anything to you honey...”

“Don’t you lie to me Xander Harris, you are too! You’re giving away all my orgasms! You’re running away from me!”

“Anya...” Xander tried to speak again.

“Those are MY orgasms Xander!” she screamed and stamped her foot.

“Wrong, toots,” Spike said stepping from the gathering shadows at the edge of the garden. “Those are not your orgasms, not anymore,” he said shaking his head.

“You were right, Spike,” Angel said stepping into view. The two moved to stand protectively near their mate.

“Told you she was outside that window, I could smell her,” Xander said as he placed a kiss on each of their mouths.

“Right and I knew the bint would try and make trouble too,” Spike said.

“You get away from my boyfriend or I will make trouble.” Anya glared as the two man-stealing vamps moved to stand possessively near her Xander, as if they owned him, the nerve!

Xander chuckled and shook his head; he shrugged at his two lovers then looked at Anya with mock sympathy.

“Oi, dumb bint innit? Thought I just told you, Xan belongs to us, bugger off,” Spike grinned.

“Xander! Say that’s not the truth. Those orgasms you make are mine!”

“Sorry babe, but the boys are right, the orgasms don’t belong to you anymore... they belong to my family, my pack.”

Xander pulled Angel into an intimate embrace and kissed him deeply in the pissed off ex-vengeance demon’s face, then he was pulling Spike against him for his turn.

“Yeah, the family, the pack,” Spike and Angel echoed as they took Xander’s bag and tossed it into the trunk of Angel’s car.

Anya watched speechless as the three men tumbled into the front seat. Her vision swam as she watched the doors slam shut and the headlights illuminate the street as the car roared to life and pulled away from the curb. Her knees buckled as images of Xander naked and making orgasms with his new lovers danced and mocked behind her eyes.

The car turned the corner at the end of the block, leaving a holographic after image of blinking yellow and red tail lights and Anya sank to the ground as she went into withdrawal shock; the sound of three laughing voices filled the night, stirring her hair along with the soft breeze as she lay staring at the sky. The mistress of the night stared back at her, impassive and majestic.

The End

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